Victoria News: Five people rescued from Werribee Gorge after hikes got dangerous

Extraordinary footage captured the dramatic rescue of five people from a popular tourist attraction in dangerous conditions.

Five people have been dramatically saved after their treks through popular Victoria tourist attractions took a dangerous turn.

Police rescued a man and woman from a cliff-top ledge in Werribee Gorge, 70 km west of Melbourne, and three children who were trapped by a river in Glenmaggie, 200 km east of Melbourne.

The two hikers, who had previously traveled to Falcons Lookout, found themselves stranded on a 150m-high ledge around 10:40 pm.

The hikers sounded the alarm after setting off around 8 p.m. towards the precarious track which, at times, was only 30 cm wide with degrading edges.

Police said the couple, a 25-year-old man from Mill Park and a 36-year-old woman from Doncaster, veered off the main track onto a trail with no ramps and no falls unable to find their way back into the darkness and rough terrain.

Local police tried unsuccessfully to reach the couple on foot before the helicopter arrived and to bring them to safety.

In the second incident, three children were staying with their families at a Gells Road campground when they threw an inflatable donut into the Macalister River around 7 p.m.

The tire got caught in the current of the river and was taken downstream and hung on a rock.

The trio, aged 15, 13 and 10, were all able to climb to the opposite bank.

They walked upstream until they could see their encampment across the water, but due to the difficult terrain, they could not leave the area.

The police were also unable to reach the children on foot, and family members could not reach them due to the fast current and slippery rocks.

Local agents attended with the water police and the air wing to coordinate the rescue.

The three children, from south-east Melbourne, were safely rescued by helicopter and reunited with their families.

In a shared dramatic vision, the police crew can be seen lifting two people from the dangerous throat.

One person is seen clinging to a policeman in a strong wind, while a second looked exhausted after the rescue.

No one was injured in the incidents.

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