Various details of Hilaree Nelson’s ski mountaineering accident emerge | New

News broke on Monday that Telluride resident and famous ski mountaineer Hilaree Nelson went missing on Nepal’s 26,781ft Mount Manaslu. While it was initially reported that Nelson had fallen into a 25 meter crevasse, various accounts are now emerging.

According to an Everest Chronicle article quoting Nelson’s outfitter, Shangri-La Trek’s Jiban Ghimire, Nelson’s ski blade “slipped” a few meters below the summit, resulting in a potentially large fall that they say could have reached 3,000 feet.

Another account comes from eyewitness reports suggesting that a large avalanche hit the mountain around the same time and may have been a factor in Nelson’s fall, with his partner, Jim Morrison, who may have escape the debris.

A helicopter searched for Nelson throughout Tuesday on the south side of the mountain with no rescues, but continued search plans will resume on Wednesday.

This is news in development. Details may change as more accounts become known and are released.

The North Face athlete and mother of two has been called the most prolific female ski mountaineer of her generation.

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