The winners of the mountaineering competition dare the adventure

A lone skier navigates past frighteningly beautiful ice crystals. Two climbers dangle precariously from a cliff at golden hour. Four cyclists ride in the moonlight. These are just some of the exciting entries for this year’s CVCEPHOTO competition, a program that aims to promote mountain sports and activities through photography.

About the CVCEPHOTO contest

Organized by Club Vasco de Camping Elkartea, a mountaineering association in San Sebastian, Spain, the photo contest, now in its eighth year, promotes mountaineering activities in collaboration with the Bilbao Mendi Film Festival, a mountain film contest.

Entrants are invited to submit their best images of any non-motorized mountain sport, including mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing, hiking, caving and paragliding. Amateurs and professionals can participate.

The winners include the three best photos, 15 honorable mentions and two winners whose photos will appear on the posters of the BBK Mendi Film Bilbao-Bizkaia and the Les Diablerets International Alpine Film Festival.

The first place winner receives 1,400 euros and a trophy created by artist Iñgio Arístegui; second place, 700 euros; third place, 300 euros; and honorable mentions graduate. The awards ceremony takes place on May 28 in San Sebastián and the exhibition runs from May 30 to July 29 at Club Vasco in Camping Elkartea.

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First place

“Young weapon.” Yhabril Moro

First place winner Yhabril Moro snapped this photo on the Freeride World Tour in Baqueira after passing a friend. “In an instant, we improvised a shot at sunset, and he gave me the best shot of the day, better than any I had taken at the pros,” Yhabril Moro recalls, noting that the cliché required him to balance a host. of factors. “For the composition, I took into account the position of the rider, the sun and the streak of snow, and I shot with an off-camera flash to [raise] the shadows and blacks of the rider who was dressed very dark.

The second place

skier seen through an ice cave
“Winter Window”. Paul Zizka

While on a caving (cave exploration) expedition with friends, Paul Zizka and his group were passing the foot of the Stutfield Glacier in Jasper National Park when they discovered this hole in the snow, covered in ice. Although the hole did not open into a larger cave, it provided a tranquil perspective from which to capture the beauty of winter.

“The view from a small frost-rimmed window offered great framing opportunities,” Zizka shares. “I waited for my friend Sasha to ski through the frame and loved the result. I felt it conveyed the magic of winter in the Canadian Rockies.

Third place

climbers at sunset
“Burning Desert.” Jose Allende

With a bit of determination and innovative framing, Jose Allende conveys the oppressive heat and expanse of the desert. “I saw that the effect of the branches was very similar to a flame, showing exactly what I felt at that moment in the middle of the desert”, explains Jose Allende. “I was able to photograph the climbers and give that desert heat feeling to the image.”

BBK Mendi Film Bilbao-Bizkaia 2022 Poster

skier leaves a cloud of snow
“BMFF skiing is life.” Sandi Bertoncelj

A skier rushes through the snow, leaving only a puff of powder in his wake. “One of those perfect powder days you dream of,” writes Sandi Bertoncelj. “Super light powder and perfectly spaced shafts. What more could you ask for?”

International Alpine Film Festival Les Diablerets (FIFAD) 2023 Poster

four silhouettes of cyclists against the moon
“FIFAD Lunar Dreamers. Yhabril Moro

In the magic of the moonlight, four cyclists cross a potentially rocky mountain path. Where are they going? The mystery and energy are palpable. “The day of the photo, the weather was cold and windy,” says Moro, a two-time winner. “It took several attempts. I also had to move around to correct my position as the moon continued to rise, while they had to reassemble the bikes to ride again until I got the comp I was looking for. In the end, we were very happy with the result and we had this photo and many more to remember the night.

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Some of our other favorites

“18 A Sorrisoles in.”

the kayak passes over the waterfall
“18 A Sorrisoles in.” David Nogales

Barely noticeable in the distance, a bright yellow kayak appears to tumble into the abyss of Aldeyjarfoss in Iceland. That is, until you learn that for extreme kayakers, it’s probably nothing. “It’s one of the most scenic waterfalls I’ve ever seen due to the energy of the water and the weird basalt rock formations on its sides,” says David Nogales. “It was late afternoon and the sun wasn’t as strong, so we had this epic dim light.”

“Elena Poli in the Ark.”

the woman is swinging from the cliff of the arc
“Elena Poli in the Ark.” Christian core

The light, the framing and the human element show the extent of nature. Christian Core spent years thinking about how he would capture majesty.

“As soon as I got back to Italy, I immediately went back there with my friend, Elena Poli, and finally took the exact same picture that was so clear in my mind,” shares Christian Core. “I climbed a few meters [on] a route in the middle of the cave, opposite [the] side of the bow, hung on a bolt and took this shot.

“13 star hotel. »

green tent under the milky way
“13 star hotel. » Nicolas Bruegger

With no extreme sports and no human element to relativize nature, seeing the mountains in the distance, under a blanket of stars, seems serene and peaceful. “I took this photo near a new phase of the moon”, explains Nicolai Brügger. “I was up there with some friends and spent the night by the lake photographing the Milky Way.”

How to participate next year

Entrants can submit their images between January 1 and March 31. Winners are notified May 6, with a ceremony and display on May 28. Dates are subject to change, so keep up to date with the latest news on the contest website.