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The people have decided to tag the rocks in Skaha Bluffs that the Ministry needs to enter and now clean up. (Facebook)

Bluffs at popular disfigured Penticton Climbing Park

The Ministry of the Environment will clean up

Someone or some people have decided to degrade the rocks of Skaha Bluffs.

The graffiti was done either with pink spray paint or chalk on several rock faces on Sunday, June 13.

The popular climbing and hiking provincial park is usually crowded on weekends, but the graffiti has gone unnoticed.

A local park activist took to a Skaha Bluffs Facebook page to express his frustration with the tagging.

“Did you miss the ‘Leave No Trace’ memo before deciding to mark a number of walls in the cliffs? Russ Turner wrote.

Fortunately, acts of vandalism at Skaha Bluffs Park, such as recent graffiti, are rare, the Environment Department said.

“BC Parks staff are aware and plan to visit the site today (June 16) to remove it,” the ministry said in an email to Western News.

Penticton City Council has just approved a new 90-space parking lot at Skaha Bluffs to accommodate the many people who come from all over to hike and climb the park.

The council has called for all locations to be built to meet demand for the park, which has exploded due to COVID-19 and has seen nearby streets occupied by parked vehicles as their occupants make their way to the cliffs.

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