The best mountaineering expeditions in Sikkim

Home to the third highest mountain in the world, Mount Khangchendzonga, Sikkim’s landscape is adorned with peaks like Lama Wangden and Frey’s Peak, which have been climbed by many climbers over the years. The state also has the prestigious Indian Himalayan Center for Adventure and Ecotourism (IHCAE) which is a world-renowned training center that offers basic and advanced mountaineering and mountain biking courses, in addition to other programs.

Obviously, there is ample opportunity for those looking to take on exciting expeditions around the state. Here we list some of the best along with the information you will need.

Climbing the summit of Mount Frey
An exquisite peak close to the Rathong Glacier, Frey Peak lies near the sister of the Kabru Peaks with two towering peaks namely Kokthang and Rathong Peak. The trek consists of crossing the absorbent Frey glacier. The trail is mostly rocky and has some snow in the gaps. The summit is named after the famous mountaineer George Frey who attempted to climb the summit with Tenzing Norgay. The ax and crampons they used are still present at the base of the peak as a memorial. The trail offers stunning scenery and allows hikers to savor the undulating beauty of nature.

Expedition to Mount Thinchenkhang

Mount Thinchenkhang (6,010m) is located in western Sikkim and is part of Khangchendzonga National Park, which has rich biodiversity, sacred lakes and snow-capped mountains. This peak can be seen from Okhlathang Valley on a hike to Goecha La (pass). The government of Sikkim declared this summit a trekking summit in 1990 and since then it has caught the imagination of many climbers.

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Climbing Mount Jopuno
Mount Jopuno is located in the western part of Sikkim at an altitude of 5,603 m. This towering peak lies beneath Khangchendzonga National Park. On a hike to Goecha La, this spectacular peak is clearly visible from the Okhlathang Valley. It is one of the main attractions for mountaineers or climbers around the world after it was recently opened by the government of Sikkim. During this expedition, hikers and adventure seekers will enjoy captivating views of some fascinating peaks from the Himalayas to Sikkim.

Sikkim also promises great opportunities for anyone who has always wanted to feel the adrenaline rush of mountain biking. And if you want to hike a trail here, you can take the following route:

Gangtok – Rumtek – Sang – Sirwani – Temi – Damthang – Rabong – Kewzing – Tashiding – Yusum – Pelling – Dentam – Rinchenpong – Soreng – Sombaria – Jorethang – Namchi – Rangpo
Feel the adrenaline rush as you embark on a cycling expedition in the Sikkim mountains
In addition to these, Sikkim is also known for sublime treks including the Goecha la. Check out our three-part guide to the state’s best walking trails. You will need permits for mountaineering and trekking expeditions (well worth it), but our comprehensive guide to permits will make it easy for you to understand everything.

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