The 5 Best Spots to Take Photos at Telluride Ski Resort

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The first time I got on a snowboard was around 2003 at Telluride Ski Resort. It was my first time trying a mountain sport, as my parents are very fond of the beach, and I remember being amazed by the size and beauty of the San Juan Range.

These views never get old, even after nearly two decades of skiing there. Look at my camera roll, and you’ll see the same scenic spots in every different season; they are just too irresistible not to be photographed.

If you find yourself shredding on the West Rim, here are the five best places to snap a photo at Telluride Ski Resort. (Study this map if you’ve never been there.) As always, be careful where you stop on the mountain to avoid putting yourself and others in a potentially dangerous situation.

Giuseppe’s Restaurant, located 3,500 meters above sea level in the ski resort of Telluride, offers beer, food and stunning views of Wilson Peak. (Tiney Ricciardi, The Denver Post)

Giuseppe’s restaurant

Happy hour at 11,885 feet? That’s exactly what you can do at Giuseppe’s, one of Telluride’s tallest restaurants. (It’s technically not the tallest — nearby Alpino Vino takes that title, according to It’s a scenic spot to pull up an Adirondack chair, break a cold chair, and take in views of Wilson Peak and Lizard. Head Peak. On a clear day, you can even see the La Sal Mountains in Utah.

Journalist Tiney Ricciardi trying to hug...
Journalist Tiney Ricciardi trying to hug the mountains at the top of a run called Lookout at Telluride Ski Resort. (Provided by Sarah Flynn)

Top of the Lookout Trail

Of course, you can take a selfie on the chair nine, considering it takes about 10 minutes to shuttle from the town of Telluride to the top of the mountain. But keep your gloves on and wait to take the aptly named See Forever ski run to the top of another called Lookout. Not only will you get stunning snow-capped peaks in the background, but also a glimpse of the city.

Top of Gold Hill Express

You will notice the incredible panoramic mountain views as soon as you ascend to the top of lift 14, known as the Gold Hill Express. But in case you don’t, there’s a sign for the panoramic viewpoint, a popular place to take a panorama from the top of the world.

The Gorrono Ranch is a festive bar and restaurant located on the mountain of the Telluride ski resort with stunning views of Wilson Peak. (Tiney Ricciardi, The Denver Post)

Ranch Gorrono

Gorrono Ranch is the best place to find party vibes. The bar and restaurant on the mountain, located off chair four, is known for its ‘beach’ where you can soak up the sun, listen to live music and sit front row to take in views of Wilson Peak, which beer drinkers might recognize cans of Coors Lumière.

You don’t need to ski or snowboard to enjoy the views at Telluride’s San Sophia Station. This is where journalist Tiney Ricciardi got married. (Provided by Kinny Bradley)

Hagia Sophia Station

The gondola that connects Telluride and its neighboring Mountain Village rises 10,540 feet above sea level on a platform known as San Sophia Station, and you don’t need to be a skier or snowboarder to take in the view . Those who disembark can hike to a lookout point at the top of the Telluride Trail that offers a bird’s eye view of the city. (Fun fact: This is where my husband and I got married.) There’s also a restaurant called Allred’s at the San Sophia station that offers stunning views sheltered from the elements.

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