Tamara Lunger retires from the ski Alpine crossing Der Lange Weg

After covering more than 900 km, South Tyrolean mountaineer and ski mountaineer Tamara Lunger has retired from Red Bull Der Lange Weg, the great ski mountaineering tours through the Alps from Vienna to Nice.

Tamara Lunger was forced to stop. This is the big news from Red Bull Der Lange Weg and the long ski tour through the Alps from east to west that started over 20 days ago has now lost one of its undisputed engines. The 31-year-old retired last weekend after battling a shin injury virtually from the start in Rax near Vienna.

As some remember, Lunger had already used his only ‘joker’, allowing him to continue in the car and skip part of a stage in the hope that his shin would heal, but that proved impossible given the daily pace, quick stops and the extremely difficult conditions in which the Alps currently find themselves. Lunger decided to give up after reaching the Rheinwaldhorn (3,402 m): on the descent she realized that the skiing was just too painful and that she was no longer able to control her skis with a sufficient safety margin. “It was a wonderful experience,” said Tamara Lunger after an undoubtedly difficult decision. “Wonderful for the way the group has grown together, but also a very important experience for me. During the crossing, I experienced a new side of myself and it allowed me to get to know myself better.”

After the withdrawal of Spaniard Núria Pica, the group lost another important player and the challenge became immeasurably more difficult for Bernhard Hug (SUI), David Wallmann (AUT), Philipp Reiter (GER) and Janelle and Mark Smiley ( USA). The five finished their 23rd day of the 43 available and yesterday, taking advantage of rare good weather, they climbed more than 3000 meters of vertical drop and skied 50 kilometers in less than nine hours before plunging into an Apfelstrudel and a course well-deserved. café at Refuge Margaroli above Val Formazza. The next main goal: Dufourspitze in the Monte Rosa massif, at 4634 meters the second highest mountain in the Alps.

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