Summit dwellers O’Keefe and Sorensen win all 9 Breck Ascent Peak ski mountaineering races

From left to right, Daniel Kraft (third long course), Ella Hagen (fourth short course overall), Eva Hagen (second short course overall), Chris Carr (second long course overall), Sam O’Keefe (first long course overall) and Michael Hagen (fourth overall) poses for a photo during the second Breck Ascent ski mountaineering race of the season on Monday.
Courtesy of Breckenridge Recreation

BRECKENRIDGE – Summit County residents Sam O’Keefe and Jill Sorensen won the long and short course races respectively in the second Breck Ascent ski mountaineering event of the season on Monday, January 27.

The race took place on Peak 9 at Breckenridge Ski Resort. O’Keefe, a resident of Breckenridge, completed the long uphill and downhill route in 59 minutes and 10 seconds. The other top finishers on the grand course were runner-up Chris Carr (59: 28.8), Daniel Kraft (1: 04: 46.5) and Michael Hagen (1: 07: 12.9).

The best woman on the long course was Kate Zander of Breckenridge, who finished with a time of 1: 08: 49.6.

On the short course, Dillon’s Jill Sorensen won the overall race with a time of 32: 20.8, edging Breckenridge local Eva Hagen by just over six seconds (32: 26.5). Stephan Nicolas finished third overall (36: 04.9), followed by youngster Ella Hagen (37: 45.7) and Ron Uhle (37: 56.9).

The long route took skiers up from the start line at the Beaver Run parking lot, to the Lower Sawmill trails to the Gold King trails and to the top of Shock. From there, skiers entered a single track in the trees adjacent to Volunteer before a hike with boots.

Skiers then put their skis back on for a single track ascent to the top of Mine Shaft before a short hike downhill. The sky then descended Mineshaft and The Tunnel before turning to climb to the right of Shock. Here they climbed to the top of Devil’s Crotch before skiing Devil’s Crotch, Tunnel and Sawmill downhill to the finish line on the trail outside the Beaver Run Resort.

The short route took the ski mountaineers up from the Beaver Run parking lot to Lower Sawmill, Gold King and Volunteer to the finish line just past the Overlook Restaurant.

The third Breck Ascent race of the season, scheduled for Peak 10, will take place on Monday, February 3, from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. For more information and to register, visit

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