Skims Pond Skims: where and when to ski in 2022

The sport of pond skimming is a way for a ski resort to channel the fun of waterskiing into the landscape of a mountain. Here’s everything you need to know.

Warning: snow is slippery when wet. And by wet…yes, we mean water. Spring skiing can sometimes mean powder, but more often than not it means warmer weather, shedding layers and the muddiest snow.

For more than 60 years, ski resorts across the country celebrated sunshine and melting snow. And they do it with pond skimming.

Essentially, pond skimming allows skiers and snowboarders to launch down a snowy trail into a water landing zone that can vary from actual lakes to resort-built water features.

However, there is a certain element of risk, such as the incident at the 2018 Copper Mountain Slopesoakers so well demonstrated. In other words, be prepared to sign a long waiver.

Besides skiing or riding headfirst in a pit of cold water, it’s awesome. Remember, it’s the journey, not the destination. There are usually crowds of people in bathing suits, people on the “beach” flipping cervezas – it’s as summery as it gets in the Western Snow Mountain.

2022 Ski Resort Pond Scum

April 2: Crested Butte Resort Pond Skimming (CO)

April 2: Park City Pond Skimming (UTAH)

April 3: Skimming the Pond of Purgatory (CO)

April 10: Steamboat Splash Down Pond Skimming Championships (CO)

April 16-17: Pond skimming at Keystone (CO) closing weekend

April 24: Winter Park Pond Skimming (CO)

April 30: Breckenridge Resort’s Pond Skimming “Splash Into Spring” (CO)

June to be determined: Skim whenever the snow melts at A-Basin (CO)

Did we mention this is a contest? Bring your best bag of tricks, consider practicing to strike a pose or stick a landing, and get ready to compete for rewards like “biggest air” and “best wipeout.” Costumes are strongly encouraged. If you don’t like the competition, trust us – you are always welcome to attend and enjoy the party.

Don’t forget to register if the events require it. Grab your coolest swimsuit, floaties, boardshorts, Hawaiian shirt, ski boots and sunglasses – we’ll see you there.

Here is a taste of all the fun that awaits you:

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