Six ski trips of a lifetime, from Iceland to Iran

1. Baffin Island, Canada

Few skiers can claim to have visited Baffin Island. The remote landscapes of this northern Canadian territory are accessible by helicopter, allowing you to ski under the midnight sun on unnamed mountains that may have never seen ski slopes before. You’ll be based in a deluxe arctic camp, surrounded by gigantic granite walls and seemingly endless glaciers; and it’s not just about a unique skiing experience. You’ll also get the chance to do dog sledding, Inuit throat singing shows, snowmobiling and guided polar bear safaris – definitely not your average ski trip. CA$175,000 (£101,000) in total, excluding flights, group booking only (eight people).

2. Kamchatka, Russia

Kamchatka may be halfway around the world (it’s 12 time zones away), but skiing here is like sailing on a different planet. During a single descent to 6,000 vertical feet, you can encounter steaming volcanoes, steaming hot pools, vast powder fields and unforgettable views of the most active volcanic landscape in the world. And all this before ending up on a black sand beach from where, if you are brave enough, you can swim in the cobalt blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. James Morland of Elemental Adventure advises his clients: “It’s adventure skiing rather than powder skiing. You must be ready for all conditions. If you are, this will be the ski adventure of a lifetime. From €6,950 (£5,940) per person, excluding flights.

3. Skeena Mountains, Canada

On the border of British Columbia and Alaska, the Skeena Mountains offer adventurous skiers the opportunity to explore peaks so remote that many remain unnamed. From a base of cozy log cabins, helicopters ferry just four skiers and two guides around a ski area the size of Greater London – it’s safe to say it won’t be crowded. The area combines a winning mix of snowy alpine terrain and tree skiing. On a seven-day trip with Last Frontier Heliskiing, the average snow depth is around 10 feet and the average “vertical” is over 14,000 feet. From £4,843 pp, excluding flights.

4. Ísafjörður, Iceland

This trip combines sailing in the spectacular fjords of northwest Iceland with ski touring on the towering peaks rising above the deep, icy waters of this part of the northern coast. For ski touring, off-piste skiing and ski mountaineering, this pristine part of Iceland is world class, and on this ‘sea to ski’ adventure you’ll leave Ísafjörður on a beautifully old oak schooner restored. Early season trips can be lit by the Northern Lights, while late season adventures in May just might have you skiing nearly 24 hours a day (energy permitting). And on what other ski trip could you encounter whales and dolphins on your way to the mountains? It is aimed at both experienced skiers and those with sea legs. €1,800 (£1,540) per person for a six-day trip. Flights not included.

5. Riksgransen, Sweden

If a regular ski season isn’t enough for you, Riskgransen, just north of the Arctic Circle, will allow you to ski into June, including the midnight sun, if you wish. It will also appeal to those looking to reduce their carbon emissions since you can travel to the station by train directly from Stockholm and access the skins tracks. For downhill enthusiasts, there are regular ski lifts and even helicopter transport. As for the amount of skiing available, the Riskgransen website answers this question with terse Scandinavian brevity – “a lot”. Heliskiing from £2,460 pp for three days, excluding travel. mountain

6. Dizine, Iran

Skiing isn’t always just about hurtling down snowy slopes, as a culturally rich ski trip to Iran will attest. There’s plenty you can do in Dizin, in Iran’s Alborz Mountains, though, thanks to the abundance of light, fluffy snow that usually graces this vertiginous resort, located at an altitude of between 8,500 and 12,000 feet. But don’t just stay on the slopes – a ski adventure in Iran also offers the opportunity to visit historical and cultural sites such as Shiraz, Isfahan, the impressive pre-Islamic monuments of Persepolis and, of course, the capital, Tehran. . Add to that fantastic food and incredibly friendly people and you have an adventure like no other. From £2000 pp including transfers, tours, local guides and domestic flights.

Ald Alderson is the author of Ultimate Skiing Adventures – 100 Epic Experiences in the Snow (Fernhurst Books, £20)

Published in the 2021 Winter Sports Guide, distributed with National Geographic Traveler (UK)

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