Scree Scrambler: Black Diamond Mission Mid WP Leather Hiking Boots Review

Looking for a hiking boot that can handle class 1, 2 and 3 jamming? Black Diamond’s new Mission boots just might be.

Black Diamond is finally making hiking boots! Yes, it’s true. Black Diamond Mission Collection is immediately both similar, but also in many ways very different from the brand’s other Mission leather approach shoes.

Namely, the Black Diamond Mission Leather Mid WP (which is waterproof) is an over the ankle style. It borrows the same ultra-durable, high-performance sticky rubber we all know and love from the branded climbing shoes. Apart from that, the Mission Leather Mid brings many new benefits to the table.

Short: This shoe is capable, durable and waterproof, with a secure fit around the ankle and a comfortable lacing system – it’s all you could want in a hiking boot if you tend to favor rocky, mountainous and rocky trails. techniques. Ever wished your approach shoe looked more like your favorite hiker? Black Diamond Mission Mid Leather Shoes ($175) are both in one.

Black Diamond Mission Mid Leather Review

A side view of the Black Diamond Mission Leather Mid; (photo/Eric Phillips)

Next-level traction meets all-day comfort – that’s what the Black Diamond Mission Leather Mid delivers. Straight away, the Mission Mid is comfortable to put on and the lacing system is secure.

The boot is not bulky; in fact, it’s the opposite – it fits like a glove, not too tight, but with obviously solid toe protection. One of the first tests to know if I like a hiking shoe for technical terrain is to check how comfortable it is on both climbs and steep descents. The Black Diamond Mission Mid passed the test.

The tread of this shoe is no joke either. It’s not even that aggressive of a tread, and it’s also not the heaviest tread I’ve seen (maybe that would be the Solomon Quest 4). So with that in mind, it really impressed me with its grip on a variety of surfaces and trails, which I’ll dive into in more detail below.

Black Diamond Mission Leather Hiking Boots Specifications

  • Upper: Nubuck leather upper
  • Outsole: BlackLabel high performance rubber
  • Design: Fully gusseted padded tongue, padded ankle, rubber toe and heel
  • In shape: Medium volume shoe, true to size, standard fit
  • Waterproof: Yes, BD.dry membrane
  • Mass: 2.4 lbs. per pair (2 lbs, 6.2 oz)
  • Sizes available: 6-14 (11 for women)
  • Price: $175
a hiker raises one foot to show the outsole at the bottom of the Black Diamond Mission Leather WP boot
(Photo/Eric Phillips)

The rubber in the outsole (and overall boot) is durable. I climbed quite a few rocks (some were large rocks) while testing these shoes, and didn’t notice any major scuffs or marks on the rubber. The tread, as well as the outer material, lives up to the brand’s abrasion resistance claim.

I can see two great places to put these boots to good use: rocky high mountain terrain (like here in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado), or wet, rocky environments at lower elevations (southeast peaks, the Mountains white, or in rainy places along the Appalachian Trail).

If you are someone who frequently hikes in more technical terrain, combined with stream crossings, for example, these boots would be perfect. I can also use them as approach shoes when weight is not a factor.

They are secure, stable and have enough traction and sticky rubber that you won’t lose your footing – win-win-win.

Hiking shoe or approach shoe? The best of both

black diamond mission hiker wp laces
(Photo/Eric Phillips)

For climbers who want more support and more security, not to mention more heel and ankle protection, this boot could work as a rugged approach shoe.

It has multiple strap attachment points for this purpose (when changing from approach mode to climb mode). But above all, these leather-topped, waterproof and abrasion-resistant shoes shine in scree fields and technical arenas.

Our favorite things about the shoes right off the bat are the full-coverage toe cap and rubber heel for protection on or against any rock, plus the snug, secure fit through the ankle. The Mission Leather Mid WP fits and feels like a true mid-cut boot – no dirt, gravel or rocks should get in your way.

The inconvenients

The only downsides we could find with this boot are one, the weight, and two, the padded tongue. Considering the protection and waterproofing provided by this boot, weight is not necessarily a sticking point, but may be a factor for some.

On number two: the padded ankle is comfortable and necessary because it gives the ankle a feeling of comfort and security. But for me, the extra padding on the gusseted tongue is a bit bulky.

I have no faults with the lacing system – just the tongue. This may affect the comfort of some wearers, so we wanted to mention that here.


black diamond mission hiker wp2
(Photo/Eric Phillips)

Basically, Black Diamond has done a pretty stellar job with their first mid-height hiking boot. It satisfied us in terms of performance, durability and traction. And the general comfort was there too.

Get ready to climb, climb and rock your way with the Black Diamond Mission Leather Mid hiking boots.

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