Salena – the mountaineering princess of Pakistan to climb Broad Peak

Selena Khawaja. Photo file

ISLAMABAD: Mountaineering Princess of Pakistan Selena Khawaja, 12, accompanied by her father Yousaf Khawaja, 61, is ready to attempt Broad Peak, a mountain in Karakoram on the border of Pakistan and China, the twelfth highest mountain in the world at 8,047 meters (26,401 feet) above sea level. If successful, this will allow her to set new world records, making her the youngest person in the world. world to have totaled an 8000ner.

Selena Khawaja, a young girl living in a small suburb of Abbottabad lived with a single parent and somehow developed a love for the mountains and with her father Yousaf Khawaja started climbing at the age of 6. princess of mountaineering, her father, Yousaf Khawaja also deserves equal, if not more, respect for being the force behind her accomplishments. By the age of 10, she had already climbed a number of mountains of varying heights. Some of the peaks climbed in 2018 in Shimshal Pamir, Pakistan include Quz Sar 5,765m, Mingling Sar 6,050m, Wilyo Sar 6,150m, and Spantik Peak 7,027m in Shigar district in 2019.

Selena is also an environmentalist who believes in conversation and improving the health of the environment. To do this, she follows the golden rule of the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle even at a young age. She met one of the world’s most famous female explorers and mountaineers, Ms. Vanessa Obrien in 2020 who is also a Pakistan Goodwill Ambassador. Supported and supervised by Vanessa and her team, Salena is about to attempt Broad Peak with her father.

If successful with the summit of Broad Peak, Salena’s next goal will be Mount Everest in 2022. If successful, Selena will break all world records as today, the youngest girl to climb Everest is a Mulwath Purna Indian who reached the top at the age of 13. 11 months in 2014 and the boy is Jordan Romaro from the United States who achieved this feat at the age of 13 years and 9 months. Selena will certainly be younger than the two of them.

Although Selena and her father achieved heroic feats in circumstances where they had no sponsors or support until Ms. Vanessa Obrien and Mr. Hassan Bin Aftab of Pakistan Analytica took her under the patronage in 2020 who not only felt the need to support such a young girl but also came forward to be part of history in the making,