Rock climbing, water slides, Hope to Opportunities Foundation organized a full day of fun for clients

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) – The Hope to Opportunities Foundation today hosted its annual summer party at Advo for its clients.

Last year, due to COVID-19, the event had to be canceled, so they made sure to make this year’s event even more special.

Hope to Opportunities Foundations is a non-profit organization, associated with Advo Companies, which functions as a vocational training center, an adult day adaptation center and 27 group homes for people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

They provide training and work opportunities for their clients and receive a bi-weekly paycheck for their work.

Jeremy Bradford, vice president of development for the Advo and Hope to Opportunities Foundation, says COVID-19 has been a difficult year for their clients.

“COVID was really hard on our guys, we were locked in their group home for 15 months, they couldn’t even go to the park,” Bradford said.

He said since their return everyone has been delighted to be with their friends.

“We can hang out together and hang out together because since this virus it has been so hard to be together,” said Connie, one of the attendees.

Every end of August, except last year, they have a summer party where different donors help fund different activities, food and drinks.

A special tour was taken by the Randall County Fire Department and one of the attendees, Kenneth, said it was one of his favorite parts.

“I have fun because the fire trucks, you know, I can hear the sirens, it’s special to me today, you know because I love summer parties,” Kenneth said.

Connie said her favorite part of the day was rock climbing.

Bradford said all he saw at the event were smiles.

“There hasn’t been a frown yet, it’s just as you can hear, the screams, the screams they’re having fun,” Bradford said.

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