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Sometimes you have to know that a hike is worth it to have the motivation to continue, especially for those who love city life more than the countryside. So if you are looking for a rewarding hike then look no further. From the Navajo Loop Trail in Utah to the Mist Trail in California, these hikes offer incredible challenge, jaw-dropping views, and a memorable adventure along the way.

Nāhuku | Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

For beginners and experienced hikers alike looking for a new challenge, it’s time to fly to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and pass through Nāhuku. Otherwise known as the Thurston Lava Tube, Nāhuku is a hiking trail that winds through rainforest, eventually entering a 600-foot-long lava tube where a river of lava once flowed at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The 500-year-old lava tube was first discovered in 1913 and is home to entire ecosystems of creatures like crickets, spiders and microbes. Hikers can choose to take a 1.5 mile or 10 mile (6 km) round trip trail to cross Nāhuku. Whether you are walking the cavernous canal in the early morning or late afternoon, you will be grateful for taking the time to explore the natural wonders of Nāhuku.

Navajo Loop Trail | Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

One of Utah’s most iconic hikes is the Navajo Loop Trail in Bryce Canyon National Park. This trail is known for having the most hoodoo sedimentary rock spiers in the world, some of them even turning into striking red rock formations like Wall Street, Twin Bridges, and Thor’s Hammer. Hikers who complete this 1.4 mile route will enjoy gazing at the colorful limestone walls or lush Douglas fir trees that can be found at higher elevations along the trail. But if you do venture out on this trail, be sure to check the weather report first. Portions of the trail may close due to rainy or wintry conditions, but the views are worth it if you go on a sunny day.

Mount Cadillac North Ridge Trail | Acadia National Park, Maine

Along Maine’s Atlantic coast is Acadia National Park, where the Cadillac Mountain North Ridge Trail is a must visit. This rocky trail with granite slopes and stairs leads to the park’s highest point and along the east coast while providing picturesque views of Bar Harbor in Maine, Frenchman Bay and the Schoodic Peninsula. The trail is also filled with hundreds of songbirds, woodpeckers, and waterfowl, making it a great place to add birding to your hike. Upgrade your experience of this 4.4-mile round-trip trail by hiking just after sunrise or shortly before sunset. This way you can see the sky bursting with vibrant color while taking in all the natural beauty that Cadillac Mountain has to offer.

Mist Trail | Yosemite National Park, California

One of America’s most popular national parks, Yosemite, California offers a beautiful and rewarding hike with its Mist Trail. This moderately difficult trail for experienced hikers reaches 2,000 feet elevation at its highest point and offers views of Nevada and Vernal Falls. The Mist Trail has several routes that you can take to hike it, whether you hike the 2.4 mile route to the summit of Vernal Fall, the more difficult 5.4 mile hike to Nevada Fall, or you spent an entire day reaching the top of both waterfalls. Whichever route you choose, bring plenty of supplies and water to accompany you on your expedition. After all, a day along the Mist Trail in Yosemite National Park is a day well spent.