Quark Expeditions Announces Hiking and Trekking Opportunities in the Polar Regions

WHY IT RATES: For travelers looking for adventure on their next vacation, Quark Expeditions offers new and unique opportunities.—Donald Wood, senior editor of Breaking News.

Quark Expeditions, the world leader in polar adventures, has introduced new hiking and trekking options for customers traveling on Ultramarine. Modern-day explorers will have the opportunity to walk alongside polar experts for a truly innovative and immersive experience.

“Setting foot where few humans have ever walked is part of the magic of Arctic and Antarctic exploration,” said Alex McNeil, Director of Expedition Experience and innovation for Quark Expeditions, which has been providing hiking opportunities in the polar regions since 1991.

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“Guests often speak of the excitement that hits them when they enter the snowy and icy sites of Antarctica or the remote tundra of the Arctic. They breathe in the polar air, feel the terrain beneath their feet and observe the polar landscapes up close…and then they know they have truly arrived in one of the planet’s great wilderness frontiers.With our revolutionary new ship Ultramarine, we have expanded our options for adventure to include multiple styles of hiking not another offers.”

Quark Expeditions’ enhanced hiking and trekking options are aligned with the Adventure Travel Trade Association’s 2022 Industry Snapshot, which ranked “hiking/trekking/walking” second on the list of top ten activities trending adventure games.

“Hiking and trekking in the Polar Regions is not typical long-distance hiking on clearly marked trails,” McNeil said. “We not only take our guests off the beaten track, but we take them where there is no way at all. fast, we can take guests – of all fitness levels, ages and interests – on hiking and trekking adventures to remote parts of the Polar Regions where few – if any – have ever visited before. .

Quark Expeditions hiking and trekking options include:

Hiking: Our guided hikes, which are offered at various levels from beginner to advanced, range from short jaunts to the top of lookouts or wildlife viewing tours to longer multi-mile walks over ice, rock and snow. Hiking tours can last two to three hours with plenty of time for wildlife photos, teachable moments from your knowledgeable guides, or just time to step back and admire the incredible polar surroundings.

Heli-hike: Ultramarine’s twin-engine helicopters transfer guests to the start of South Greenland’s most scenic hiking routes, then pick them up at the route’s end point. Each guided helicopter tour departure will be tailored to the personal needs and level of ability and interest of the clients. They can choose to join one of our brisk walking groups which aims for exploration and distance, one of our medium walking routes where there will be plenty of time to pause for photography and reflection, or explore at a slower pace with plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and immerse yourself in their polar surroundings.

Alpine Heli-trekking: Expert guides from Quark Expeditions will take guests on an active adventure to the heights of the Antarctic Peninsula. Intimate groups of adventurers will board one of Ultramarine’s two twin-engine helicopters for a trekking excursion in an area accessible only by air. On land, on an invigorating walk or hike, guests will be rewarded with breathtaking views of secluded ridges, glacial terrain and snow-capped peaks.

Ice Cap Experience: Although not considered a traditional “hike”, the Quark Expeditions Ice Cap Experience allows you to disembark your helicopter and walk on the second largest mass of ice in the planet, the Greenland ice sheet.

THE SOURCE: Quark Expeditions press release.