OUTSIDE EDGE | Guided climbing in the White Mountains

Meteorologist Mallory Brooke accompanied the climb where the guides gave thorough instructions, promoted her to the top and, of course, put safety first.

NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA – On this week’s Outside Edge, we’re on the edge of a ledge in the White Mountains. Meteorologist Mallory Brooke has teamed up with Northeast Mountaineering to guide her on this adventure

“It’s what we all do, it’s our passion, mountaineering, climbing, skiing, it’s what we love to do, and we all have tons of years doing it by ourselves, and many of us have had many, many years doing this professionally as guides, ”said Sam Dyer, Senior Guide at Northeast Mountaineering.

Guides help you along the way with thorough instructions, defend you to the top, and of course, take care of safety above all else. There is a rigorous certification and practice program to become a guide,

Dyer explained, “All the certifications teach us all the safety and rescue skills we need to know, we all have wild medicine certifications, we are all CPR certified. “

Guides are also constantly recertifying to keep abreast of the latest information.

Sam Dyer and Doug Rosenberg led Brooke on three climbs on Square Ledge, an area of ​​exposed rock located next to Wildcat Mountain off Highway 16 in the White Mountains. They climbed the standard route, the chimney, and Joe’s place. Although Mallory has some rock climbing experience, you don’t necessarily need it to participate in Guided Rock Climbing.

“A lot of the hikes here are short enough to get to the climbs, and we have a lot of options when it comes to abilities and confidence levels, and that sort of thing, we can really meet every trip’s needs. individual and desires, “Dyer said. You don’t need to have a particular level of regular activity, and hikes to rock climbing sites last about 20 to 30 minutes with some elevation gain.

Some who started with an introductory rock climbing day are now going on a destination trip with Northeast Mountaineering to places like the Cascades or even overseas in South America.

“We will walk you from start to finish until you are a component on your own so that you can do it yourself, we will walk you along the way,” Dyer said.

If you love the outdoors, a little hard work, and being on the edge, a day of rock climbing is a must this summer.

Plus, kids 16 and under climb free with a paying parent on any climbing program all summer long.