Mountaineering exploration in Pakistan for Matteo della Bordella, Massimo Faletti, Maurizio Giordani, David Hall

A group of Italian mountaineers consisting of Matteo della Bordella, Maurizio Giordani, Massimo Faletti and David Hall are about to embark on a month-long expedition to explore unexplored mountains in Pakistan.

An expedition made up of Italians Maurizio Giordani, Massimo Faletti and David Hall and the president of the climbing club Ragni di Lecco Matteo della Bordella is about to leave for Pakistan. The small group will be on an expedition for an entire month to explore a region “practically unknown, but of great interest in mountaineering.”

Matteo della Bordella told “When Maurizio Giordani asked me if I wanted to join him on his trip to Pakistan, I first reluctantly refused because of another expedition scheduled for mid-August. But then, a week later, when I met Maurizio and he showed me the photo of the mountains I thought to myself: “Wow, that’s cool! This is an opportunity not to be missed “so I decided to embark on this project.”

The four intend to climb the alpine way, taking with them only the bare minimum, in order to climb the large rock faces that they have so far only seen in a photo that has been given to them. given by a friend. At present, they know little or nothing about the mountains, not even the exact altitude (which they estimate at around 6000 meters) or how to get there.

Currently, only the departure and return dates are certain, June 21 and July 20, respectively. della Bordella concluded “We have decided to stay as isolated as possible and we will not be doing real-time updates on our progress in order to fully enjoy this adventure. We will only provide information on our climbs and attempts when we return home. Italy.”

In 2018 Giordani and Faletti traveled to Pakistan to make the first ascent of the hitherto unexplored Kiris Peak, while in 2013 Matteo della Bordella, Luca Schiera and Silvan Schüpbach established a new route on the west face of ‘Uli Biaho (6109m) in the Trango massif. .

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