Modern Family star Julie Bowen helps rescue woman while hiking in national park

MOAB, Utah – A New Jersey woman passed out while hiking one of Utah’s national parks last week, and she woke up to the voice of Claire Dunphy from “Modern Family” .

Well, it was the actress who played it, Julie Bowen.

Minnie John was visiting Arches National Park with her family on Monday when the “wild and crazy” series of events occurred.

She was walking to Delicate Arch around 7pm and almost reached the end, but couldn’t make it the rest of the way.

John felt dizzy and dehydrated, so she sat down and told her husband and son to continue.

“All I remember is sitting there with my head in my hands safe on the rock. Then I hear someone with a familiar voice asking me questions. was watching television. [sic]”she wrote on Facebook.” I heard that familiar voice say it’s going to be okay, a doctor is cleaning me up. “

That familiar voice was Bowen.

John had passed out, fell off the rock she was sitting on, and landed face-first on the hard rock surface.

Bowen and his sister – who is a doctor – took care of John. They cleaned up his wounds and gave him electrolytes, snacks, and medicine.

Minnie john

Annie Luetkemeyer, Minnie John, Julie Bowen

Coming to his senses, John asked Bowen if she knew her or if she was famous. Her sister replied that she was.

“Her sister the doctor asked me to guess and I told her I just hit my head, I don’t remember. She said smiling ‘Modern Family’ and I said of course! Said she was so beautiful. She introduced me to her sister Annie, the doctor, and of course that’s Julie Bowen! ” John wrote in his Facebook post.

John was taken to Moab Hospital, where she was diagnosed with a broken nose and received five stitches.

“I praise God for all the doctors and nurses we have in our lives! They are truly superheroes!” added Jean. “And these celebrities are awesome human beings too! I love you Julie and Annie and now I’ve been famous for a minute for my antics!”

This story was originally posted by Spencer Burt at KSTU.