Missing Russian-American mountaineer Alex Goldfarb found dead in Pakistan | Mountaineering

A Russian-American mountaineer who went missing last week while attempting to climb a mountain amid a harsh winter in northern Pakistan has been found dead, the region’s tourism police and the region said on Tuesday. Pakistan Alpine Club.

Gilgit Town Tourist Police made the announcement on Twitter, claiming Alex Goldfarb was missing on Friday as he attempted to climb the summit Pic Pastor, not far from K2, the most important peak on the Pakistani side of the Himalayan range and the second highest in the world after Mount Everest.

Contact with Goldfarb was lost and a helicopter search and rescue team was dispatched. The Pakistani army found the body on Monday after a day of searching, according to Karrar Haidri, secretary of the Pakistan Alpine Club.

Muhammad Ali Sadpara, a Pakistani mountaineer who was part of the rescue team, also tweeted the news. Efforts are now underway to bring down Goldfarb’s body with the help of Pakistani and foreign mountaineers.

Goldfarb and Hungarian climber Zoltan Szlanko had originally planned to climb Pastore together, but Szlanko then decided to turn around. Haidri expressed his condolences to Goldfarb’s family, saying “I will never forget his kindness.”

Goldfarb was a physician and lecturer at Harvard University. He had volunteered to treat Covid-19 patients during the pandemic according to his son, Levi.

“He was thinking [mountain climbing] was magnificent, ”said Levi Goldfarb. “He thought it was liberating, because in the mountains, it didn’t matter who you were at sea level – a doctor, a lawyer or even a thief, all of those tags had been taken off and you were playing with another one set of. rules. He made great friends in the mountains, he saved lives and ran away, and he’s been around the world doing it.

On Saturday, a team of Nepalese climbers made history by making the first winter ascent of K2. Hundreds of local and foreign climbers travel to northern Pakistan every year and accidents are common due to avalanches and sudden changes in the weather.