Michael Hagen and Kate Zander win last Breck Ascent ski mountaineering race of the season

Kate Zander of Farmers Korner portrays the Arapahoe Basin ski area in the December 2018 qualifier for the 2019 International Ski Mountaineering Federation World Championships. Zander won the Breck Ascent long-term ski mountaineering race on Peak 7 at Breckenridge Ski Resort on Monday.
Aidan Goldie / American Ski Mountaineering Association

BRECKENRIDGE – Breckenridge residents Michael Hagen and Kate Zander won the final Breck Ascent ski mountaineering race of the season on Monday on Peak 7.

On the up and down course from Pioneer Crossing to Peak 7, Michael Hagen clocked 40 minutes and 5.7 seconds, 12 seconds ahead of runner-up Brent Herring (40: 17.3) who was just ahead of Dan Kraft (40 : 21.6). Max Bonenberger (40: 30.0), Connor Albin (40: 32.2) and Tim Faia (41: 07.9) also finished in the lead.

Zander was the fastest woman in the long distance race, finishing the course in 42: 09.2. The trail started at the bottom of the Independence Chair before the runners reached Monte Cristo and deep into the woods on a single track for a short hike with boots on, then a trail through more singletrack and back on the Monte Cristo trail.

Skiers then continued to the skier’s right to Lost Horizon before climbing steeply up the Wanderlust Traverse between peaks 6 and 7. The Wanderlust Trail ended at the Pioneer Crossing restaurant adjacent to the top of the Independence SuperChair at the limit. forest of peak 7, where the skiers went downhill. and dipped into the trees a bit on the Ore Bucket trail before rolling down the Monte Cristo groomer to the finish line at the bottom of the Independence chair.

Monday’s short course race saw skiers climb a more direct line to the finish line at Pioneer Crossing Restaurant, via the Swan City, Phone Road and Wirepatch trails.

The short course race was won by Breckenridge local Eva Hagen (29: 30.7), while the other top finishers were Eugenio Perez (30: 39.5), Ella Hagen (33: 39.5), Erin McGinnis (41: 58.7) and Robert McNamara (49: 24.0).

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