Mera Peak is suitable for ski touring: Study

Kathmandu, May 23

A feasibility study carried out by a team of four climbers, two foreigners and two Nepalese, concluded that Mera Peak is an ideal destination for ski mountaineering.

The study team found that the 6,473-meter-high peak was suitable for ski mountaineering. Leonardo Bernard and Deidrick Bhan Reason of the Netherlands had skied from the summit of the peak in May, according to the Ski and Snowboard Academy.

The ski duo had skied to Mera Peak base camp in half an hour, academy president Utsav Pathak said.

The academy in collaboration with the Snow Guide Nepal Treks and Expedition conducted the feasibility study and the ski mountaineering activity on the summit. Training for ski mountaineering will take place on Mera Peak from next October to train the Nepalese team to participate in the Olympic ski mountaineering to be held in Italy in 2026.

A ski completion was organized by the Kalinchok academy in winter 2019 and ski mountaineering activities and training were held on other peaks in Humla, Dolpa, Mustang and Kaski for five years.

The academy aims to popularize ski mountaineering in the country which is home to eight of the 14 highest mountains, including the Sagarmatha (Mt Everest), at 8,848.86 meters.