Matheo Jacquemoud, the return of a ski mountaineering champion

Jacquemoud, Fall and Rise: the story of young French ski mountaineering champion and mountain guide Matheo Jacquemoud, told in this video by Kilian Jornet Burgada.

We are used to celebrating exceptional sporting achievements. We extol victories and victors. But what is behind each result? What is the “burden” of the struggle to not only achieve these goals, but also to get there first? It takes passion and persistence, as well as huge sacrifices. And victory does not always explain everything, is not always the real outcome. There is always another goal beyond the one just reached, another mountain on the horizon. And sometimes, when you least expect it, you can suddenly be stopped dead, by an accident, an injury …

This video features Matheo Jacquemoud, the 26-year-old ski mountaineering champion who, after a memorable start, had a difficult year in 2015, to say the least. His return was not taken for granted. On the contrary; Jacquemoud seriously toyed with the idea of ​​withdrawing completely from competitions. But in the end his passion for ski mountaineering won out, as did his desire to return to the competition scene. It was a tough fight, but he succeeded and in 2016, together with the champion of champions Kilian Jornet Burgada, he won the legendary Pierra Menta ski mountaineering competition. In this video Jacquemoud’s story is told by Burgada and it certainly adds value to the film. Worth seeing!

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