La Sportiva & Michele Boscacci 5 more years together

La Sportiva and Michele Boscacci: fresh out of the best season of his career, the ski mountaineering world champion reconfirms his sponsorship agreement with the Trentino brand.

Ziano di Fiemme – The year continues in the best possible way for Michele Boscacci, skier-mountaineer born in 1990 (Sondrio, Lombardy) who after winning everything possible in the winter season 17/18, including the Cup world, is now signing a new and important contract extension with La Sportiva, the brand which has always been by its side in ski mountaineering competitions and which is now ready to engage it, not only in the development of their sector. hardgoods and the famous ‘formula 1’ racing model Stratos (which will see its 5th edition next winter season since its first launch in 2008) but also in the development of its own line of racing and lifestyle clothing .
“Michele has allowed us to grow a lot in skialp racing and he has always worn the Stratos model and our brand on the top steps of the podium in international competitions – says Alessandro Tedoldi, Athletes and Events Manager at La Sportiva – the company’s commitment is always to provide the best possible equipment to compete at a high level, see for example the partnership with SkiTrab for the supply of racing skis, and today we are proud to announce that Michele will be with we also with our line of clothing and accessories with a total-look contract that fully embraces La Sportiva in ski mountaineering ”

Light & Fast is the company motto of Ziano di Fiemme, which celebrated his 90th birthday in 2018 and Michele represents this credo well, as evidenced by his extraordinary performances which made him the strongest Italian athlete in the world. , in its discipline. is something for everyone: 1st place in the Mountain Attack race, the Italian vertical championship, the Pierra Menta, the Tour du Rutor, the Epic Ski Tour, and first place in the World Cup in the general classification and in the Grand Course circuit. Second place in the Italian Individual Championship, the Individual World Cup, the Vertical World Cup and the Individual European Championship and finally third overall at Altitoy. The best of the best.

Michele Boscacci, the ski mountaineering world champion born in 1990, continues his partnership with La Sportiva

Michele Boscacci, the ski mountaineering world champion born in 1990, continues his partnership with La Sportiva

LaSpo and Bosca: a winning combination that will be decided not only on the course but also within the walls of the new Ziano di Fiemme Innovation Center, where the Trentino Research and Development team is ready to listen to comments and suggestions for further improve their products with positive implications not only in the racing sector, but also in more commercial products that use equipment and solutions from the racing world to provide the best possible performance to the most ski mountaineer demanding.
“Other exciting seasons await us – says Michele – despite a great season, the desire to improve further and stay in great shape, is very strong. The big goal is the Winter Olympics and also to contribute to the development of products that will dress the next generation of ski mountaineers: at La Sportiva, ideas run fast and I’m ready to run with them.

And that’s how an exciting new season begins in November. In the meantime, it is possible to retrace Michele’s 17/18 steps through a video that celebrates the most exciting moments. Enjoy


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