La Sportiva 90e, history of mountaineering, climbing and footwear in an award-winning book

The book “La Sportiva 90th, a story of mountaineering, passion, innovation” celebrating the first 90 years of the famous Italian outdoor footwear and clothing company is now on sale at

The Fiat 242’s diesel tank is full and it is parked in the forecourt of Tesero’s building company, ready to go. Bardonecchia is far away, on the other side of the Alpine arc and looking at the map trying to understand where the watershed line between Italy and France is, the Valle Stretta seems beyond the border . Ah. France! The French seem to have invented high level climbing, they have the Verdon, the Buoux, Patrick Edlinger and Patrick Berhault, the EB climbing shoes and even the Mont Blanc. They have Vertical magazine. The difficulties of the courses are measured in French grades and the sixth, seventh and eighth grades no longer exist. They are now classified 6c, 7b, 8a. The French are French, they are strong. But we have the Dolomites. And Manol.

As well as purple and yellow Mariacher climbing shoes. The Alp magazine has just been published, climbing is exploding in Arco and Finale Ligure, in Sperlonga, everywhere in Italy and then at the end of the day half of Mont Blanc is even ours. Ww only suffers from a slight inferiority complex, but the first climbing competitions in the western world will take place in Italy, in a few days Sportroccia 1985. La Sportiva shoes are better than EB shoes. Bardonecchia is near France, but it’s in Italy.

This is how it all began according to Lorenzo Delladio, twenty years old at the time and now General Manager of La Sportiva, in the book “La Sportiva 90th, a story of mountaineering, passion, innovation” which celebrates the 90th anniversary of the historic footwear and outdoor clothing company of Valle di Fiemme, Italy

The book delves into the modern history of rock climbing and mountaineering by analyzing the evolution of this historic market leader, and the volume won the prestigious 2018 OMI Award as Best Corporate Monograph for its approach innovative and its storytelling. Many star climbers and mountaineers have their say, such as Reinhold Messner, Manolo, Simone Moro, Adam Ondra, Alex Honnold, Tommy Caldwell, Hansjörg Auer, Nalle Hukkataival, William Bon Mardion, Angela Eiter, Michele Boscacci and many more. others. This is clearly a one-of-a-kind volume celebrating not only the first 90 years of La Sportiva, but also the unprecedented success of an Italian company in the outdoor industry.

Curated by Emilio Previtali, the book is now on sale directly at