La Promenade, the ski mountaineering crossing of the Aosta Valley by Shanty Cipolli and Simon Croix

The film La Promenade which documents the ski crossing of the Aosta Valley by the Italian freeriders Shanty Cipolli and Simon Croux.

A year ago, in the spring of 2017, the two young freeriders Shanty Cipolli and Simon Croux decided to do something quite unusual and crossed the entire Aosta Valley on skis. Departing from Courmayeur, the two spent 22 days kissing near the “Four Giants of the Alps”, namely Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso, following in the footsteps of those who, in 1970 , had made the first round. ski mountaineering crossing the mountains of the Aosta Valley.

The 22 days with heavy backpacks were marked by fatigue, but as Shanty told “when we got used to this condition, fatigue turned into pure pleasure! Immersed in these valleys, lost in the high mountains, surrounded by lines envied by all the best freeriders! In our backyard we have a paradise freeriding, and we went to check it out. “ This is their story, click on the subtitles for the English version.

1st ski mountaineering crossing of the Aosta Valley
On May 1, 1970, Ruggero Busa, Guido Fournier and Carlo Vettorato completed the first ski touring crossing of the Aosta mountains.

The crossing 2017
Courmayeur, Arp la Balme, La Thuile con il Rutor, Valgrisenche with incredible bivouac on the Ghiacciaio di Goletta glacier below Granta Parei, Val di Rhemes, Col Bassac Derè, Valsavaranche per i Piani del Nivolet, Cogne, Lago di Miserin, Champorcher , Gressoney Colle Bettaforca, Champoluc, Colle di Nana, Torgnon, Saint-Denis, Colle Vessonaz, then Valle del Gran San Bernardo, Col de Malatrà, Courmayeur.

Throughout the trip, the two slept mainly in tents and in a few small bivouacs and huts. They ate the provisions they bought in the small shops in the villages they crossed on their way back to the valleys, as well as the food they had hidden in strategic points before embarking on the journey.

Link: FB Shanty Cipolli, FB Simon Croux, Mammut