Jigsaw Academy CEO loves mountaineering and skiing, says these adventure activities take him out of his comfort zone

Gaurav Vohra, co-founder and CEO of Jigsaw Academy, enjoys skiing and mountaineering. He makes sure he takes a trip once a year where he can indulge in both. He did one in Ladakh recently. He did one last year in Gulmarg the last week of January as well.

So, while the pandemic raged, that did not prevent him from continuing his trip once a year in the mountains.

Vohra said
ETPanache how he started to climb mountains. “When I quit my job in 2010, I decided to take a break before starting something. During this break, I signed up for a basic mountaineering course. The 28 day program was quite difficult. climbing, river crossing, ropes, knots, anchors, etc. Since 2010, I try a mountain peak every year. I climbed Ladakh (my favorite place), Nepal, Tanzania, Himachal and Kashmir, ”he said.


Gaurav Vohra from one of his trips.

Vohra started skiing seven years ago. Like mountaineering, it was love at first sight. “I love the thrill of skiing. Mountaineering and skiing are adventure sports that take you out of your comfort zone. You learn to conquer your fears. And the feeling of accomplishment gives you a good high, ”he explained.

Mountain sports have given life lessons to the boss of Jigsaw Academy. “There are a lot of tough days when climbing a summit. Some days the effort feels overwhelming. Other days the weather seems determined to mess up your plans. But you survive all those tough days. And you learn that you have a lot more resilience than you I thought you did. This knowledge helps a lot on the job. When the days are tough, I always look back on my mountaineering days and I think to myself, “Yes. I could survive that, I can survive that too, “” he concluded.