Is Gabby Petito in Puerto Rico? Internet sleuths scan his hiking app to check the trail

As authorities turn every stone to find Gabby Petito and her boyfriend Brian Laundrie, concerned observers are doing their part to help pinpoint their whereabouts. Several theories flooded social media after data from the AllTrails hiking app showed Petito’s last location was in Puerto Rico.

Petito, 22, has been missing for more than a fortnight after embarking on a cross-country trip with her boyfriend Laundrie, 23, who returned home without her and refused to cooperate with the police. Petito texted his mother the last time she was in Yosemite, 800 miles away in California, on August 30, mentioning there was a lack of signal. The last update on September 16 indicated that the van she and her boyfriend were using was last seen at Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park on August 25, after which no more was heard. of her. It was later reported that Laundrie, officially a “person of interest” in the case, suddenly disappeared from her home on September 12.


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Social media has attempted to decode Petito’s whereabouts, hoping to help with research efforts. His account on the AllTrails hiking app showed a geotagged location in Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

“I can’t sleep because all I think about is the [Gabby Petito] case, ”one user tweeted. “Now she’s stalking her AllTrails account, assuming it’s really hers. Why do we say Puerto Rico?” In a follow-up tweet, the user wrote, “Do we think Brian Laundrie has his phone and fled to Puerto Rico? It’s easy from Florida, but wouldn’t the airport notify anyone? “

“Could it be that #GABBYPETITO cut off her favorite hat because she didn’t want to be seen with it in Puerto Rico? #BrianLaundrie is that wacky now?” another added. “Cops need to search #GABBYPETITO in Puerto Rico. It sounds like a nice title for a song and I wonder if this is how they found the place to run away. missing “and possibly presumed dead, right?” a comment read.

“The All Trails app shows #gabbyPetito in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. I wonder who does this. This was implemented in May 2021. #Gabby,” one user observed. “Listen, I’m not saying that something bad has NOT happened to #gabbypetito but there is no evidence yet that it has happened and certainly nothing to say that #BrianLaundrie was involved if it was the For all we know, she got fed up and left for Puerto Rico, ”another wrote.

Some wondered if it was Laundrie who fled to Puerto Rico with Petito’s phone and urged police to check the cameras at the airport. “Anyone else thinks #BL escaped to Puerto Rico because #gabbypetito phone took it as their last location?” one tweeted. Another Twitter user shared a screenshot of direct flights from Tampa, Florida, to San Juan, Puerto Rico. “Spirit Airlines, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Jet Blue – all offer flights from Tampa to San Juan, Puerto Rico,” the user said. “Can their passenger manifests from the last days be verified for Brian Laundrie?” “

“Do we think #brianlaundrie has his phone and fled to Puerto Rico? It’s easy from Florida, but the airport wouldn’t notify anyone?” one user speculated.

Laundrie’s family asked officers from the North Port Police Department to visit their Florida home on September 16, nearly a week after the search for Petito began. They told authorities Brian had been missing since September 12. “Her family reported that they did not see Brian on Tuesday,” North Port Police public information officer Josh Taylor told the New York Post.

More than 50 North Port police officers, with help from the FBI, conducted a massive search of the Carlton Reservation in the Sarasota area on Saturday, September 17. “His family say they believe he entered the area earlier this week,” North Port police said. said as they roamed the approximately 25,000-acre area. The search for Laundrie was called off until Sunday, September 19 due to darkness.

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