Immediately pick up Raimel Tapia (week 10)

This is around the time of the MLB season when some players start to be seen as fantasies.

Memorial Day is the first checkpoint to assess your team’s competitiveness and whether or not it’s time to trade, retain, or drop players.

Hope your top picks are all affected. But if not, check out this week’s crop of players to consider picking up via the waiver thread.

Pick them up

Raimel Tapia – OF, Colorado Rockies

Yahoo: 52%, ESPN: 77%

Tapia had two three-game streaks in mid-May and late May in which he didn’t register any hits. He responded with six in six games as of June 2 with four RBIs.

I’ll say that until I’m blue in the face – he’s Coors-proof and needs to be entered in all leagues.

Pavin Smith – 1B / OF, Arizona Diamondbacks

Yahoo: 46%, ESPN: 57%

Thirteen-game hitting streaks are a good way to gain recognition. Run production has arrived in clusters which is better than not at all given Smith’s lack of home runs.

The good thing is that he is constantly getting extra base shots, so his .460 and .804 OPS shots aren’t completely out of control.

Injuries have helped Smith get into the roster, but with notable players returning he still gets home plate appearances.

Carson Kelly – C, Arizona Diamondbacks

Yahoo: 72%, ESPN: 71%

This is a reminder that the receiver’s position is a cesspool, and when one hits .280 with a K / BB of 29:25, it should be added. The 26-year-old has figured out how to lead a pitching team and contribute to the offense.

Amed Rosario – OF / SS, Cleveland Indians

Yahoo: 20%, ESPN: 18%

I give Rosario a lot of credit for trying to find a new position in a new team while trying to produce in attack.

The old Met is on the right track and has increased its walk rate by almost 4% since 2019 and is scratching less than 20% of the time. He saw an increase in sliders in 2021 and improved against them.

His -2.9 Pitch value against cursors is the second best of his career (outside of 2020), and he has a chance to have his first positive season against them.

If Rosario succeeds, his offensive numbers will increase.

Brad Miller – 1B / 2B / 3B / OF, Philadelphia Phillies

Yahoo: 32%, ESPN: 16%

Miller is locked in the Phillies roster and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Its flexibility of position makes it even more attractive.

Worth the detour

Hunter Renfroe – OF, Boston Red Sox

Yahoo: 24%, ESPN: 31%

I like that Renfroe hits lower in a good formation because you don’t expect him to be one of the ‘guys’. He faltered in Tampa for this reason and is now surrounded by other talented hitters.

His average of .255 is the best of his career, and his .298 BABIP is not bad considering his home base. Renfroe also finds himself in the middle of a seven-game hitting streak.

Evan Longoria – 3B, San Francisco Giants

Yahoo: 42%, ESPN: 45%

I’m not a fan of his career-high .318 BABIP, but I like to tie players on good attacks to my fantastic teams. Longoria is on track for almost 30 home runs and 90 RBIs so if her season settles over 20 home runs and 75 RBIs it will be a success.

It plays in the fantasy, in particular at the post of CI.

Manuel Margot – OF, Tampa Bay Rays

Yahoo: 29%, ESPN: 50%

It was a tough week for one of my top targets a week ago.

Margot went 1 for 13 but managed to get two RBIs and a walk against the Yankees. He has an easier clash against the Rangers this weekend.

CJ Cron – 1B, Colorado Rockies

Yahoo: 45%, ESPN: 52%

Fantasy baseball players salivated at the possibility of Cron’s power in Colorado, and it came to fruition.

He has 14 of his 18 RBIs at Coors Field and is almost 30 more points at home. Cron also has a 131 Weighted cycles created more (wRC +) at home versus 102 on the road.

Short term solutions

Josh Fuentes – 1B / 3B, Colorado Rockies

Yahoo: 18%, ESPN: 15%

It’s been a strange few weeks for Fuentes, who is 0 for 15 at bat on the road but 6 for 13 at home. Prior to this unique streak, he played seven multi-shot games over a 10-game span. It’s safe to say that Fuentes is streaked.

Garrett Cooper – 1B / OF, Miami Marlins

Yahoo: 32%, ESPN: 29%

He thrived in his career with a higher BABIP and produced at a more realistic slugging and OPS percentage than in 2019, his best season. Cooper is an acceptable injury replacement.

i am skeptical

Josh Harrison – 2B / 3B, Washington Nationals

Yahoo: 16%, ESPN: 40%

It’s a shame the sparkle was gone from Harrison’s resurgence.

The longtime pirate has multi-hit play (seven hits total) and no homers or runs produced since May 22.

Corey Dickerson – OF, Miami Marlins

Yahoo: 8%, ESPN: 19%

Dickerson’s average is strong, but he delivers little beyond that.

He played the same number of games as in 2020 but has 30 fewer batters. Dickerson and OPS ‘stroke percentage have dropped 165 points since 2019, and his BABIP is at its highest level since 2015.

Joc Pederson – OF, Chicago Cubs

Yahoo: 30%, ESPN: 50%

Pederson’s streak of success since returning from IL has taken him to an average of .236 and career lows in slugging and OPS despite his highest BABIP in six full seasons.

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