Huge harnessless climbing gym opens in Langford

Victoria –

A popular Victoria climbing hall specializing in bouldering, a type of climbing practiced on short walls without a harness, is opening a new location in Langford.

The BoulderHouse Climbing Hall opens a location at 1109 Langford Pkwy in City Center Park on Thursday, June 17.

The climbing room measures 6,000 square feet and includes a section dedicated to children. Since there are no harnesses or ropes, a large, padded mat is placed along the gym floor, which catches up with you if you fall. The installation is a first of its kind for Langford.

“We are very proud to have opened this incredible facility in Langford,” Langford Mayor Stew Young said in a statement Monday. “It will provide Langford residents with more leisure options without having to leave their community.

“I am delighted to hear that BoulderHouse will be engaging with local schools to encourage the use of the facility for non-traditional physical education programs,” Young added. “It will also be a new option for summer camps and children’s birthday parties, which is another important feature for Langford as a young and growing community.”

BoulderHouse opened in Victoria in 2016 and has welcomed newcomers as well as high performance athletes for the past five years.

Many gym regulars are part of Canada’s National Bouldering or Head Climbing Teams and have participated in international events.

Gym member Rebecca Frangos has competed in multiple World Cups and competed in the Pan American Olympic Climbing Qualifiers in Los Angeles. Although she has not been selected to go to Tokyo this year, she hopes to ride for Team Canada at the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Climbing is one of the newest sports to be added to the Summer Olympics. The very first sport climbing category of the Olympics is set to debut at the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo in July.

“We are thrilled with the opportunity to bring rock climbing to the West Coast,” BoulderHouse co-owner Rob Somogyi said in a statement Monday.

“There is a long history of outdoor climbing in the area and with the addition of an indoor facility, the community as a whole will benefit from an accessible space to learn to climb in their neighborhood,” he said. -he declares.