Here’s How Hot Girls Hike (A Beginner’s Guide)

Your go-to guide to looking good, feeling good, and being comfortable on the trail.

Calling all hot girls: this is your sign for dating.

Like, literally outside. In nature.

If your cursor is currently hovering over the tab’s close button because you’re not “doing nature”, then that’s actually the exact change of pace your chart encouraged you.

The same way you look at yourself every time you pass a mirror in the department store, surrounding yourself with beauty can only make your day better. And what could be more beautiful than the current Earth?

Defined by wise philosopher Megan Thee Stallion, “To be a Hot Girl is to be shamelessly YOU, to have fun, to be confident, to live YOUR truth, to be the life of the party.” This includes maintaining these characteristics as you try new activities and step out of your comfort zone.

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This guide will provide you with the most basic tips needed to help you feel good (and look even better) when you go on your first hike. Hot girl style.

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Where to start?

Packing for a hiking excursion can be as daunting, if not more so, than the hike itself. When you look online or see promotions for outdoor activities, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of very specific products seemingly needed to even think about hiking.

The worst thing about outdoor brands is that they don’t come cheap, especially if you buy everything at once. The ads will have you thinking that to start hiking you’ll have to shell out for hiking boots, pants that come off the knee, shirts with the latest sweat-wicking technology, carbon fiber hiking poles, and every bit of wool. . imaginable underwear.

That alone would make you lose a grand on an outfit and you wouldn’t even have red heels. But, like the Chanel Advent Calendarthat’s the nature of marketing.

The truth is, you don’t need to go out and buy all new professional gear, you can (and should!) use the items you already have. Plus, your clothes are cuter anyway.

Go to Steppin’ and Pull Up

All you really need to start hiking are shoes, and in fact, depending on the trail, sandals and slides can work just as well. While comfort is optional for all of life’s occasions, hiking in a pair of Rockdeep sneakers with the cushioned insoles will be less difficult than dragging heavy Timbs up a mountain. For those of you looking for your white strength, for your own sanity, spray them with stain repellent and stay on the paved trails.

If you choose to buy a pair of shoes to devote yourself to hiking, luckily more and more outdoor brands are offering stylish hiking shoes so you don’t have to completely throw away your personal standards when it comes to hiking. fashion.

Now that the necessities are confirmed, you can plan the rest of your outfit. As any sexy girl knows, your shape will determine your entire day. The same goes for hiking. Wear anything that gives you confidence and provides a decent range of motion. Break out your ’90s velor tracksuits, matching two-piece sets and Princess Diana-style bike shorts-sweater combos for the best look-to-function ratio.


As for accessories, feel free to add whatever you want, as long as they aren’t too delicate or likely to fall off. Kneeling in the dust to search for your lost items isn’t as glamorous as Velma makes it seem. However, on sunny days, sunglasses are a must. Not only do they add an extra level of style to your look, but they also protect your eyelash extensions from the wind.

Fortunately, on the make-up side, there are no restrictions. You can traverse the wild wilderness or keep it simple with tinted sunscreen and mascara. That said, long-lasting makeup will be your best friend on the runway, as it’s not the most practical task to reapply liquid liner while wading through rivers. The best makeup brands for hiking must also be moisturizing, waterproof and crack-free.



Of course, you can buy a granola bar. But why stop at granola when you could pack your picnic with a combo of three chicken tenders with a buttermilk cookie? There’s just something about a good spread at the end of a trip that makes it even more enjoyable.

In terms of water intake, aim for about two cups (equivalent to one bottle of water) for every hour of hiking. However, be aware that whatever you pack for a snack, you will have to carry yourself. Fortunately, using a backpack can help alleviate the extra weight and will leave your hands free.


Before stopping on a designated trail, you need to know where to find one and be able to access it. . Due to redlining in many cities across America, BIPOC communities have historically been excluded from easy access to outdoor spaces, from fewer neighborhood parks and nearby trails to a lack of roads and public transportation. common.

The easiest way to find a beginner trail is to use Google Maps to search for trails, which will also provide you with photos of the trail and reviews. All trails is another good website and/or app that details trail length, difficulty level, and terrain type.

If you are using a wheelchair, motility device, or stroller, be sure to pay attention to the trail footage if it is unpaved. Flat or low-lying terrain does not mean without rocks.

If access to a mapped trail is not available to you, there is also urban hiking. Urban hiking is exactly what it sounds like: urban hiking. The trail would be the sidewalks of your city, the views would be the history of the buildings you pass through, and the destination would be…well, wherever you decide to turn around, but it could be a landmark or an attraction of the city you haven’t visited before, or even to finish a race you wanted to go to.

Manners and Mindfulness

Once you have arrived at your starting point, you have already crossed the greatest barrier. Now all you have to do is walk. Or strut. The choice is yours.

Whether it’s a pro or a con in your eyes, you’re usually not completely alone on a hike, especially on the easier trails. You’ll encounter other hikers, wildlife, and even sides of yourself you never knew existed. Have fun, but remember that you are sharing this space. Be respectful.

Things get really introspective on the outside.


If you haven’t ventured into forested areas much, encountering the local critters may be your biggest concern on the trail.

For good reason.

You might very well find snakes, cougars or even bears on your trip. Although, more than likely, your furry trail buddies will be chipmunks, squirrels, and deer, which will likely swoop in before you even notice them.

Yet the same rules at the club apply on the trail: you may look with respect, but please don’t touch. Always keep a significant distance between you and wildlife. There’s no lace glue in the world strong enough to hold your browband together if a bison decides to throw you in the air.

The other people

Even for the most confident sexy babes, there can still be a sense of hesitation when it comes to the other people you find on the trails. And it’s not just you.

The representation of people who love nature by the outdoor industry systematically lacks adequate representation. Of the rare cases where a brand can replace their cookie-cutter model with someone with more melanin, they are usually still thin, able-bodied, and have no sense of personal flair.

Hot girls come in all shapes, sizes, mobility needs.

So while you may not see yourself reflected in outdoor media, everyone has an inherent right to enjoy nature, whether you’re wearing a Nike visor or a scarf.

Also, it’s not like anyone is going to say anything rude to your face anyway. If anything, they’ll be the ones trying to work up the courage to ask you where you got your eyebrows done.

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Perhaps the scariest encounter you have on the trails will be with yourself, and not the “morning after a bad haircut” kind of thing.

Especially if you go for a solo hike, your time on the trail will leave plenty of time for self-reflection. You can find creative inspiration among the streams, rest on a rock and prevent yourself from finding yourself in another situation, or even use the time to enjoy do not being in another Zoom call that could have been an email.

Even if the only thing you walk away with is an extremely sweaty crop top and a few fresh Instagram pics, stepping out of your comfort zone is still an accomplishment. As you gain confidence in yourself as an outdoorsman, you can pay for it by encouraging others on the trail and in your community to grow through exposure to nature.

Respect nature

As far as the hierarchy in the outside world is concerned, Mother Nature East This girl. She demands respect. Nothing can humble you faster than tripping over a small rock and knocking off one of your $80 nails.

So when you take up space outside, be sure to leave the space in the same (or better) condition for other hotties to enjoy on the road. Take your trash with you on the hike and stay on the marked path.

You may even find that the more time and care you spend outdoors, the more of that same care you bring into your daily life. You will be more aware of businesses and politicians who prioritize sustainable practices to support the environment, and in turn, a healthy environment will boost the community tenfold.

Despite what someone looks or wears, everyone is equal in the eyes of Mother Nature. Even if all you want to do is pose in front of a waterfall and walk away, you deserve the opportunity to build your own relationship with the outdoors. Everyone does it, for generations of sexy girls to come.