grough – Mountaineering Scotland welcomes lifting of local stay orders for mountain enthusiasts

Bob smith, Editor
Friday April 16, 2021 00:12 GMT
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Relaxation of lockdown rules opens Scotland to highlanders. Photo: Bob Smith / grough

Mountaineering Scotland has welcomed the easing of travel restrictions from Friday, allowing people to travel outside their local area.

But the organization, which represents hikers, mountaineers, ski tourers and climbers north of the border, has pleaded with mountain people to act responsibly.

The Scottish government has announced it is lifting local stay orders earlier than expected.

The mountaineering organization said it expected many mountain areas to be occupied and warned that winter conditions still prevail in some areas. People heading for the hills need to plan ahead and be prepared, he added.

Managing Director Stuart Younie said: “We are thrilled with the unexpected news this week and especially for those living in towns and small local communities who have had limited access to the outdoors during this lockdown as they can now start doing what they love again.

“The past 12 months have shown how important outdoor recreation is to our physical and mental well-being and, as things start to improve, they will play an important role in our economic recovery, especially in rural areas. “

Mountaineering Scotland said popular destinations are expected to be very crowded, meaning hikers and mountaineers traveling by car may need to leave early or consider going somewhere less crowded.

He also advised that in order to get the most out of their day, people should think carefully about the conditions they are likely to encounter on the hill.

“There is still a lot of snow on the higher hills, and fluctuations in temperature mean that much of it is likely to be very icy and the consequences of a landslide are more likely to be. be serious, ”he said. “This caution is particularly relevant in the morning on slopes facing north or northeast. “

Heather Morning, the association’s mountain safety advisor, said: “An ice ax and crampons to deal with any icy passages are really essential parts of the kit at this time of year.

“People should also be aware that with limited opportunities to climb hills over the past few months, they may have lost some physical shape and may well prefer to take easier walks to start with so that they can relax in. the sway of things.

Mountaineering Scotland added that it is also important to act responsibly while taking advantage of access to the hills, especially with the added pressures from the higher number of visitors.

“We’ve all been through a stressful few months,” said Mr. Younie. “So we need to be mindful of local residents and our other visitors, whether it’s parking carefully, making sure we don’t leave any trash or damage, or just interacting with others.

“The forecast is good for the weekend and if we all take care of each other we can make sure our long-awaited return to the hills is memorable for all the right reasons.”

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