Grace Staberg on the podium in two French ski mountaineering events

Summit County’s Grace Staberg poses for a photo in January 2020 during ski mountaineering training in Switzerland.
Ben Queenborough / Olympic Information Service

FRISCO – After the ups and downs of the Youth Olympic Games experience, Grace Staberg stood on the podium in two ski mountaineering events in the French Championship series last weekend.

In Courchevel, France on Friday, Staberg finished first in a vertical race in the 18-20 youth category. The next day, she finished in third place in the individual race of the French Championships.

Saturday’s race was the most important for Staberg, as it was the official individual race of the French Championships. The vertical of the French Championship had previously taken place in December.

In terms of competition, Staberg said the individual race was as tough as the Youth Olympics. The course was longer and had more off-road portions, including a pair of couloirs, which Staberg relished for the challenge.

Although he still feels tired from the Youth Olympics, Staberg was happy with third place at the event which featured the best of France’s best.

“I was hoping for a bit more, at least a second,” Staberg said in a phone interview Tuesday, “but ended up having issues with my bindings. I skied every descent with my heels out. , which caused me to lose a lot of time on the descents, so in the end I was happy with my third place and I think it went well, but I’m happy to see how I compare to similar competitors in future races.

Staberg will continue in the coming weeks on the European ski mountaineering circuit with top Summit County athlete Sierra Anderson and French skimo legend Laetitia Roux. His next stop will be at competitions this coming weekend in Andorra. She will then leave for events in Germany, China and Italy.

After that, Staberg plans to return to Colorado to compete in the Power of Four in Aspen, the Five Peaks in Breckenridge and possibly the US Nationals in Big Sky, Montana.