Ghost Of Tsushima’s Escalation Gets Expert Breakdown

Climber Natalie Duran was on hand to dissect climbing techniques in Ghost of Tsushima.

ghost of tsushima climbing

No one can fault Ghost of Tsushima for its picturesque landscapes. Sucker Punch had no trouble romanticizing the game’s environments with falling leaves and lifelike lightning bolts, but how precise was Jin’s climbing in these beautiful locations?

Courtesy of Gamology’s Experts React series, climber Natalie Duran was on hand to dissect climbing techniques in Ghost of Tsushima – played by protagonist Jin Sakai. Duran’s introduction to the game immediately captivated her with its quaint charm, as the game features actual sites from Tsushima Island which you can check out here. Duran immediately applauded Jin’s warning step before rushing through bamboo sticks between the cliffs. The climber also commented on Jin’s cape, explaining how loose clothing often gets caught in nearby branches when climbing.

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The samurai then performs some hardcore rock climbing, displaying effortless side lacheys while scaling the rock face. Duran explained how these maneuvers usually required a build-up of momentum before committing to swinging your whole body. Duran also applied this process to the rope swing, where the momentum and little slack in the rope allows for better swing. Appreciating how therapeutic oceanside rock climbing can seem, Duran admitted it was a lot more stressful. Jin may be able to climb walls, but rocks next to the ocean in real life tend to be extremely slippery due to the salt water and humidity.


The former American Ninja Warrior competitor then commented on Jin’s grappling hook, which he seamlessly retracts and deploys when he swings. It can be more satisfying to watch and make the gameplay more exciting, but it’s unrealistic. Duran explained how you actually have to reach the grapple anchor point before you can “pull” it and position it elsewhere. Duran spent an additional seven minutes deciphering Jin’s parkour skills, but one thing she pointed out about rock climbing is that you can “experience places where there are no others.” humans ”.

The developers of Sucker Punch recently received a huge accolade from the Japanese authorities, becoming tourism ambassadors for the city of Tsushima in Nagasaki. Game Director Nate Fox and Creative Director Jason Connell virtually received an award and letter of appreciation, a testament to their accurate portrayal of a beautiful, historic island.

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