Gear up and go out: ski mountaineering kit

Ski touring is a unique sport. The reward of being able to climb a summit on your own two feet and a pair of skis is second to none, not to mention the glorious skiing intact on the way down. It’s also a sport that can be tailored to the individual, whether you’re someone just looking for some fun powder terrain near the trailhead or the next first North American descent. For this reason, manufacturers like Dynafit make products designed for these different types of off-piste missions, allowing every skier to maximize their time in the mountains without wasting energy or sacrificing safety.

“When you spend a lot of time in the mountains, it’s really important to manage the things that you can control, and your time there can be part of that,” says Dynafit ski mountaineer athlete TJ David. “In order to minimize risk, I think it’s important to have equipment that works succinctly and that efficiency allows you to move around better, minimize your time there and, ultimately, minimize your exposure to risks. “

Ultimately, choosing the “right” gear depends on your personal preferences, but there is something to be said about compiling a kit of compatible parts. The designers at Dynafit go out of their way to ensure that each product meets a specific purpose, like the Superlite 150 binding and the Blacklight 88 ski, which are designed to be light and fast, yet incredibly durable to withstand high terrain. risk that climbers often meet. in.

“It’s important that each piece of equipment works well together rather than mixing items from different brands,” explains David. “When you buy Dynafit products and use them you know that this specific boot will work great with that binding with that ski in this scenario. I think this is important because as a ski mountaineer and someone who pushes personal boundaries and the limits of the sport, I really need to rely on the equipment. Any equipment failure in the mountains is very important, ”says David.

Specifically for ski mountaineering, David is looking for products that are above all resistant, light and functional. The less time David spends fiddling with the buttresses and changing diapers, the more he has to focus on chasing ahead. With that in mind, here is a FREESKIER approved setup, ideal for long days and big mountain missions.

Dynafit Blacklight 88

The lightest all-round ski in the Dynafit range, weighing just 1140 grams for 172cm, the Blacklight 88 is designed to help you reach your best on high-stakes high mountain terrain. 100% carbon construction means this ski is light and quick for the climb, but a poplar wood core, ABS sidewalls and a tapered tip and tail ensure stability for the descent, whatever the snow conditions. . “It’s important to have a ski that always holds an edge, whatever the conditions,” says David. “The Blacklight is a great adventure ski that works great with the Superlite binding.”

Dynafit Superlite 150

The lightest binding in the Dynafit range, the Superlite 150 was designed for fast climbs. Made entirely of aluminum, the brand has managed to strike the perfect balance between lightness and durability. A race-inspired toe with added torsional resistance helps drive bigger skis while a four-to-13 lateral DIN adjustment and vertical eight-release, this binding is just as comfortable in a ski mountaineering race. than in an area without landfall in the hinterland. “You don’t have to turn the heel to go from climb mode to ski mode,” adds David. “This feature is so important when you are on a steep line or at the top of a peak.”

Dynafit Carbonio TLT8

“A light boot is really important, but we can’t sacrifice downhill skiability for lightness,” explains David. Part of the brand’s Carbonio collection, the TLT8 offers both speed uphill and durability downhill. Weighing just 950 grams per boot, the TLT8 offers a 60-degree range of motion in walk mode for energy savings with every step. A carbon fiber collar and 15 or 18 degree forward tilt in ski mode add stability in all types of snow conditions, and a width of 103mm gives this shoe an athletic fit for efficient transfer. the power of the boot for binding and skiing. “I want a boot that has a lot of forward lean, that way I can make very precise turns, I’m not going to be thrown in the backseat if the snow is choppy,” adds David.

Dynafit Blacklight Pro Hockey Stick

A combination of carbon on the top half and Kevlar carbon on the bottom half makes the Blacklight Pro Dynafit’s most durable pole and an extended EVA foam grip allows for varying hand positions depending on the slope of your climb. “On rough terrain, if you break a stick there, it won’t make the downhill very fun or continuing to climb, which is why Dynafit designed this stick a combination of Kevlar and carbon, to keep it going. lightweight but also ready for impact protection, ”explains David.

Dynafit Mercury Pro Jacket and Pants

“I really like that Dynafit continues to make kits that fit well with the pursuit of the individual athlete,” David says of the Mercury Pro kit. Designed for long days on the road, the softshell jacket and pants feature a stretch woven nylon fabric for breathability and freedom of movement. Underarm ventilation in the jacket and leg vents in the pants provide additional relief when the climb begins to heat up. Available in sizes and colors for men and women, the Mercury Pro Kit is ideal for ski mountaineers of all shapes and sizes.

Dynafit Radical down jacket

TJ David’s favorite warm layer for transitions and very cold hiking days, the Radical Down Jacket features Responsible Down Standard (RDS) goose down treated with water-resistant DOWNTEK. While most layers of down lose their insulating abilities when exposed to moisture, Radical down retains its warmth and loft, even when wet. A nylon outer shell adds to the jacket’s weather resistance and elastic bands on the cuffs and bottom hem keep the elements out. An athletic fit and available in three colourways, the Radical Down looks and works just as well on top of a visor as it does on your commute to work.

Mammut Barryvox S

The latest version of the brand’s Barryvox avalanche transceivers, the Barryvox S is even more user-friendly and easier to handle to help improve the likelihood of a successful rescue. A search range of 70 meters and a multiple burial function make it one of the best beacons on the market.

Ortovox beast shovel

Stable and reliable in critical situations, the Ortovox Beast excavator gets the job done efficiently. Weighing just 580 grams, the Beast is lightweight, but its high-quality aluminum materials make it sturdy enough to move even the heaviest debris.

BCA Stealth 270 probe

Equipped with the brand’s Quick-Lock hardware, the Stealth 270 probe allows the fastest assembly on the market. Measuring 270 centimeters with laser-etched depth markings, deep snow packs and piles of debris are no match for this BCA transducer. The brand backs this product with a three year limited warranty.

Pomoca Escalade 2.0

Designed to climb miles and miles, Pomoca’s new Climb 2.0 skin is made from 70% mohair and 30% nylon for an unmatched combination of grip and glide. Its light weight and compaction capacity also make it the ideal skin for hikers with a board to go deep and downhill.

Ortovox Ascent 32 Backpack

Designed for the most demanding mountain missions, Ortovox has thought of every detail of the Ascent 32. Abrasion resistant yet incredibly light thanks to a 100D Robic Ripstop nylon fabric, this bag saves weight without sacrificing comfort and functionality. The Ascent has a designated map compartment, safety gear pocket, ice ax holder, rope attachment and hydration system compatibility, using the 32 liters storage space.


Designed specifically for the backcountry, the Obex BC SPIN Helmet can speak for you when you can’t in an emergency. Equipped with an NFC medical ID chip, first responders can use the stored information to aid in a rescue scenario. POC’s exclusive SPIN technology protects the brain from impact and an adjustable ventilation system and removable ear pads provide additional comfort without sacrificing safety features.

POC Orb Clarity

POC’s Orb Clarity features a unique frame construction to maximize field of view in all directions and a toric lens shape for minimal distortion. Combined with lenses developed by Zeiss, the Orb Clarity improves contrast and clarity in all lighting conditions.

Black Diamond Raven Ultra ice ax

Designed for ski mountaineering, the Raven Ultra Ice Ax climbs alpine ice and snow without a problem. An angled tip plunges easily into frozen lanes and a cast stainless steel head and aggressive puncture in moderate ice with absolute ease.

Petzl Irvis Hybrid Crampon

When the climb becomes too steep for skinning, Petzl’s Irvis hybrid crampons will provide secure traction on icy lanes. Equipped with a steel front end and an aluminum heel piece, the Irvis Hyrbid beautifully balances performance, technicality, weight and traction while the CORD-TECH linkage system reduces bulk and the LEVERLOCK UNIVERSEL binding adapts on the front of any boot.

Zinka Zinc Oxide Clear Mineral Sunscreen

High mountain missions mean exposure to the sun in high mountains. Protect your skin from harmful UV rays with Zinka Zinc Oxide Sunscreen.

Honey Stinger Energy Chews

Honey Stinger Energy Chews are a delicious, bite-sized burst of energy. Composed of organic honey and tapioca syrup, these chewing gums offer multiple sources of carbohydrate energy: glucose, fructose, maltose and sucrose.