First 24-hour climbing gym in Grand Junction

GRAND JUNCTION, COLO. (KREX) – “We’re a new facility here in Grand Junction, and we were hoping to bring a great community experience and push Grand Junction climbing forward.” said Climbing Director Nathan Creswell.

Grip Bouldering wants to bring the climbing community together. They also understand that not everyone is available at the same time. the 24-hour membership is provided to “be flexible in their schedules for people who work after-hours or late into the evening and may still be out of luck.” said Creswell.

Even if you’re not a seasoned climber, Grip Bouldering can give you something to strive for.

“We offer a lot of programs for young people. Introduction to block classes to try to guide people’s initial experience, and so we really want to focus on newcomers or people who have interest but don’t know where to start. Creswell added.

But don’t worry about seasoned veterans or people who might just need a refresher. They also have “half-hour lessons that we will be offering free to members who want a more in-depth orientation in rock climbing.” said Creswell.

You will need to act fast to enter the classes. There are only four for the group and the coach.

“We’ll teach you some of the basics of rock climbing and get your feet wet and let you go from there.” Creswell voiced

If you are a slow or inexperienced climber like me, don’t worry. They will be open all night.