Find Tranquility Through Rock Climbing and Equine Therapy in Dahab

Unlike the usual tourist spots in Sinai, adventurer Belal Abdussalam set out to create a retreat where people went to heal themselves, body and soul. Located in the peaceful desert landscapes of southern Sinai, Abdussalam and Insights Seekers offer a journey to oneself along the waters of Dahab with the Wilderness Therapy Center.

After the loss of his child, Abdussalam found himself hiking in Sinai for six months. The business became a transformative healing experience and he felt inclined to share it with as many people as he could. In no time, he stumbled upon a piece of land in Nuweiba that would become the home of his passion project. Through the Wilderness Therapy Center, Abdussalam wanted to offer people an opportunity for self-healing and self-discovery.

“There are other forms of therapy than just sitting in a desk and talking to someone. Interacting with nature at this level heals and provides a feeling of serenity, ”Abdussalam told #CairoScene. “Climbing and hiking are a great gateway to self-discovery, equine therapy is a great way to confront one’s emotions because horses act as a mirror of one’s emotions… If there is one thing that I would like our visitors to remember, it is hope. ”

The community welcomes volunteers from all corners of the world, including Australia, Canada and the United States. Volunteers contribute to the community with whatever they can, whether it’s a helping hand, a building, social media, or photography. Visitors, meanwhile, are welcome to take advantage of the centre’s climbing, hiking, horse-riding and snorkeling facilities.