Extell Unveils Ski Slopes Under BLM Review; public contribution desired

At a regular meeting Wednesday, Wasatch County Council heard an update on 14 ski trails and 11 hiking and biking trails planned on Bureau of Land Management lands at the Mayflower Mountain Resort.

“I hope that’s a plus,” said Brooke Hontz, vice president of development for Extell Utah, the station’s developer. “Now we’re putting in place a connected trail through private property, which you weren’t supposed to be on before, to which we allow free public access, to not only traverse the thousands of acres of trails that we’ He will be trails on – the minimum 50 miles of trails – but now you can walk through this property and actually enjoy it.”

Hontz said these trails and 11 summer trails will pass through the Dutch Hollow and Bonanza areas. All are for public use, in accordance with the development agreement. The ski slopes are largely designed as expert north-facing slopes.

Skiing is still not expected to start until a soft opening in late 2024 at the earliest. While many trails are still in the planning stages, Hontz said construction on some is underway and moving quickly.

Extell needs the green light from the federal government before it can start building the trails it described on Wednesday. As part of the environmental review process, the BLM is holding a public comment period on the trails proposed by Extell.

Although only about 2% of the resort’s 4,000 acres of skiable terrain, a few will be visible from the Heber Valley at the intersection of River Road and US Highway 40 .

Drivers on Highway 40 passing the construction site at the Mayflower exit may see several already cleared trails on inclines near the base area.

There will be 15 lifts at the Mayflower. Hontz said the resort intends to offer a selection of trails similar to neighboring resorts, with a majority of intermediate and expert trails, as well as options for beginners.

Hontz said a clearer timetable for when the resort will open, and how much land might be ready by then, will be available after Extell reaches an agreement with a lift operator. She said she expects that to happen this summer.

The BLM is taking public comments until July 25. To visit the public comment page, visit this link.