Condos and land at Future Utah Ski Resort ($595,000-$4 million)

Mayflower Mountain Resort will be Utah’s newest ski resort when it opens in the 2024-25 season, and it’s now selling condominiums and residential land. If you have a few million dollars to spend, this is a great opportunity to buy a ski-in/ski-out home in Park City. The new real estate listings also give us a better understanding of what Utah’s newest ski resort will look like.access card The new maps (pictured above and below) show what the terrain might look like and what the names of the lifts are likely to be. The main base will be served by several lifts, including a double-deck gondola. Thie Mayflower Express will lead to an entry point at Deer Valley Resort. Otherwise, this gondola will serve the McHenry Express terrain gondola, which will have intermediate runs. Initially, the highest part of the resort will be Big Dutch Peak (summit elevation 8170 feet), which will service intermediate and advanced trails. Hail Peak will be served by Amsterdam Express and will have intermediate and advanced routes. There will also be another base area called the village of Pioche, which will be near the Deer Valley Jordanelle Express Gondola. The Pioche Express will serve beginner and intermediate terrain. The map also shows an area that could become a future expansion for Mayflower Resort and/or Deer Valley. Mayflower remains in active negotiations with Deer Valley as to whether it will be a joint venture or a separate venture. Last month, the first real estate development began offering housing sites for sale. Named the Marcella at Mayflower, prices ranged from $2.3 to $3.7 million. The caveat to these lists is that you have to build the house. I’ve been following the announcements for the past few weeks, but they’ve sold out. Although these sites are likely exhausted, more phases will become available in the future. The other development is called Mayflower Lakeside and will be located between Mayflower Resort and Jordanelle Reservoir. The price of these condominiums ranges from $595,000 to nearly $3 million. Although they are not on the slopes, they are only a few minutes walk from Mayflower Mountain Resort and Deer Valley. I’ve seen a lot of reviews of Project Mayflower based on earlier posts, and I think some points are valid. Some of the criticisms of the construction are the low base elevation (just above 6500 feet), the low elevation of the summits, the flatness of the terrain (at least in the lower elevations), the need for snowmaking operations in a state with a rapidly drying water supply, climate change, and western and eastern exposure of many of the potential trails. I think many of these points are legitimate gripes, but there are also upsides to a new ski resort in Utah. At this point, almost every ski resort in the state is packed during peak times. As someone who lived in Utah for four years, I think a new resort will help spread visitors to a different mountain. Traffic to the station, which is located just off I-80, could help alleviate the scenes seen on Route 224 in Park City. That being said, some of the initial new terrain modules look underwhelming, with a few of the trails just appearing to be connectors to real estate properties. Ski operations remain a few years away, but various apartments will open in September and many hiking/mountain biking trails may open this summer. credits: Marcella at Mayflower, Mayflower Mountain Resort