Colorado’s incredible mountaineering feat will be the subject of a new documentary

In July 2020, Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell teamed up to send a wild mountaineering route along the Continental Divide, which meant reaching 17 peaks over 35 miles during 36 hours of near-constant motion. Now the story of their journey is being told in a film called “Cuddle” which is set to be presented by Reel Rock 16, a rock climbing documentary tour which kicks off March 24-27.

Dubbed the “Continental Divide Ultimate Linkup” by Caldwell (also known as CUDDLE), the route the two rode involved a 65-pitch solo free climb on 11 classic climbing routes, ranging in difficulty from about 5.6 to 5.11 less. This included “Culp-Bossier”, a 5.8+ route on Hallet Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. In total, the road gained about 20,000 feet over a series of ups and downs.

The story is certainly exciting, likely to detail a number of mishaps that allegedly happened along the way, including forgotten headlamps, missing cold weather gear and the two hugging for warmth.

The tour includes four films in total, with a pass to see them all costing $25. Once purchased, they can be viewed on Apple TV, Roku, or a smart phone. Reel Rock presents new films every year, with these films being available in over 40 countries.

This year’s Reel Rock lineup includes films called Bridge Boys, Big Things to Come, Barefoot Charles and Cuddle, the latter being the one about Honnold and Caldwell. The phrase “Cuddle” is a nod to how close the pair had to be to stay warm after being forced to stay out overnight in shorts due to a missing supply drop. Read more about their adventure here.

More information can be found on the Reel Rock Tour website. (Note: At the time of publication, the website was down. This is probably temporary. Go ahead, click the link. If not, how will you know if the website is still down?).

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