BU NSS volunteers for mountaineering training

Up to 20 NSS volunteers from the University of Berhampur (BU), 10 girls and 10 boys, accompanied by two university officials, traveled to Himachal Pradesh on Sunday to join the “National Adventurous Expedition Training Camp to climb Mount Everest.

Notably, this year’s adventurous expedition camp under the NSS program will be held in Narkanda in Himachal Pradesh. In addition to mountaineering, students will receive training in rock climbing, river crossing, rescue and several such adventure exercises during the ten-day boot camp. The students were led by two Program Officers (POs) from Purushottampur Taratarini College and Malkanagiri College, namely Biplaba Ranjan Das and Pramarekha Bothra.

These students had previously participated in a similar training camp at the university level organized by the university’s NSS unit. Their health status and potential ability to climb the mountain were examined and they received useful information and training at the expedition camp.

Before leaving the university, the 20 NSS volunteers met with Vice Chancellor Prof. Geetanjali Dash, Registrar Prof. Prasanna Kumar Swain and PG Council Chairman Prof. Pratap Kumar Mohanty.

NSS Coordinator Dr. Jayanta Kumar Panda and District Program Manager Sudam Charan Bisoyi were present.

The students will be back on November 8.