Best hiking sandals 2022

At first glance, you might think that “hiking” and “sandals” don’t go together. After all, sandals evoke a moment of easy, breezy relaxation, perhaps with a carefree stroll along the way. And as we all know, hiking is serious bipedal business, involving obstacles, protection, waterproofing and insulation. Well, not necessarily.

In fact, for two or three seasons a year, having no thick socks and full coverage is actually a good thing. It lets your dogs breathe the way they deserve, which means you can enjoy your adventures on and off the trail even more. And with that in mind, we’ve put together this list of the best hiking sandals for men, women, and kids.

What’s interesting to note about the successive entries below is that – starting right after the “Best Together” entry – they go roughly from flip flops to sneakers, with all the variations between the of them. But before judging them, try to keep an open mind – and maybe an open toe box too. Because you might just discover a new type of hiking sandal that will serve you well when traversing delightfully dusty, watery, root-laden, and rock-laden trails.

Best hiking sandal overall

The perfect balance between comfort and robustness


Lester: 11 ounces | Materials: Leather, microsuede, rubber | Closing: Strap (Velcro)

The Kuru Tread not only looks like a confident all-terrain sandal, but also delivers the goods in terms of performance. The design offers remarkable support based on first-person testing, and as a testament to how comfortable they were, we almost forgot they were upright when we walked or hiked for miles. They’re not too cushy or too harsh either. And they offer all the solid support you could need, without ever feeling too stiff. Conclusion: The Kuru Tread is pretty much the golden loop of hiking sandals.

Best Ultralight Hike Sandal

Surprisingly sure footed

Lester: 10.5 ounces | Materials: Vibram sole, polyester/nylon webbing | Closing: Strap (buckle)

You might find it hard to believe given the exposure to the elements this sandal leaves your feet with, but the Cairn 3D Pro II is actually very stable. The Zero Drop sockliner provides subtle yet effective support for your toes and arches. And the new G-hook-and-loop heel and front strap system keeps your foot stable. All of this, coupled with the abundant lightness it offers, makes it a fan favorite, especially when you’re looking to wear as little as possible on your feet.

Best Female Hike Sandal

Fashion meets function

Lester: 6 ounces | Materials: Recycled webbing, EVA foam, rubber | Closing: Strap (Velcro)

New from Merrell, this rugged yet stylish entry is built to tackle the trails with confidence. It features a 100% recycled webbing upper and a 20% recycled EVA foam midsole. The Bravada is a stylish, outdoor, and fun sandal that’s just as comfortable strolling beaches and parks as it is in offices and malls.

Best Minimalist Hiking Sandal

Anchored and stimulating freedom

Lester: 5.4 ounces | Materials: Rubber, TrailFoam, Naboso, nylon | Closing: Strap (buckle)

You might recognize the Xero brand, which evangelizes the “next best barefoot thing”, thanks to its Shark Tank appearance. But even if you missed this episode, you can get an idea just by watching them. Essentially an evolved version of their popular Z-Trail sandal, this model not only offers a super thin and very flexible outsole, but also the stimulating action of a Naboso insole. So when you walk in a more natural and grounded way, the soles of your feet get some pleasant attention. If you’re not a fan of strappy sandals and think you can accept the idea that less is more, this is the perfect option.

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Best Customizable Hiking Sandal

Plenty of colors to choose from

Lester: 10.5 ounces | Materials: Polyester webbing, PU midsole, rubber outsole | Closing: Strap (buckle)

You might be surprised to learn that a search for “Teva vs. Chaco” currently pulls up around three million results. So there is no shortage of opinions about which brand produces the best sandals, their differences and what they have in common. Whichever camp you belong to, you have to admit that the ability to customize every piece of a sandal to your whim, as evidenced by the colossal example we created above, is pretty cool. That’s right, you can choose your favorite colors and patterns for the straps, buckles, insole and sole. Or you can click “surprise me” and see what happens. But more importantly than having such artistic freedom with your shoes, these kicks are legendary for comfort and durability.

Best Slip-On Hiking Sandal

Don’t call it a seesaw

Lester: 8 ounces | Materials: Leather, neoprene, nylon, EVA midsole, Vibram outsole | Closing: Slip on

The act of locking a hook-and-loop strap or tightening a simple buckle probably doesn’t seem like a big deal. But multiply that by dozens – or over a lifetime, hundreds – of experiences and you start to really appreciate the ease of just slipping into a sandal. But what is a sandal, exactly? Before that, we kind of thought by definition that sandals had to have a heel strap to fit in your foot. But after trying the Danner Lost Coast sandal in person, we can attest that it feels like a sandal, thanks to the comfortable yet plush upper that holds your foot down, and the thin yet very confident Vibram outsole. . They wouldn’t be our first choice for any type of running or climbing, but for everyday hikes they’re a godsend.

Better arch support in a hiking sandal

The new kid on the block

Lester: 9.5 ounces | Materials: Recycled polyester threads, aluminum, microfiber suede, PU midsoles, rubber | Closing: Strap (buckle)

Launched by the same man who founded and ran Chaco for 20 years, Tread Labs is a relative upstart. And while the brand is perhaps best known for its insoles, the sandals – currently the Albion and its strapless heel sibling, the Covelo – are starting to make a splash. They all feature a 3D knit upper and a moisture-wicking footbed. Plus, they’re machine washable after a long, dirty day on the trails. While it’s no surprise given their heritage, these cool, laid-back kicks gain traction with their strong arch support.

Best Durable Hiking Sandal

An ecological option

Lester: N / A | Materials: Leather, EVA insole, rubber outsole | Closing: Strap (Velcro)

Although best known for their golf shoes, Ecco also has some great sandal options. A take-off from their popular Yucatan model, the Offroad Sandal is a tough, albeit slightly chunky, outdoor shoe ready to tackle any trail. Even better, the fact that this Upcycle Edition is made from scrap leather that would otherwise have been thrown in a landfill makes this beautiful shoe even more remarkable.

Best hiking sandal for kids

Versatile shoes for hiking

Lester: 10.6 ounces | Materials: Textile upper, lycra, EVA midsole, rubber outsole, Velcro straps | Closing: Strap (Velcro)

As we’ve seen in this list, most, but not all, sandals offer heel straps. What makes this offering from venerable outdoor brand Jack Wolfskin special is that its heel strap is optional. So your kids can run safely at top speeds with it attached, or undo the hooks and loops to take it off, making the shoe easy to slip on for more casual walks along the shore, through the forest. , in town or around the campsite.

Most flexible hiking sandal

Smartly corded and comfortable

Lester: N / A | Materials: Polyester Rope, Rubber Outsole, PU Midsole | Closing: Slip on

While some casual shoes are defined by a lack of laces, this shoe is quite the opposite, in a truly unique way, leading to its name, essentially the letter U plus “Keen” spelled backwards. Its entire upper is somehow constructed by braiding just two cords, and the result is a sandal that adapts to both the shape of your feet and any environment you choose to explore. It’s a great shoe for everything from boating to bouldering. In fact, building on his success, Keen has since released other versions of this design that use canvas, leather and EvoFit knit materials.

The most stylish hiking sandal

If Batman Wore Sandals, He’d Be Wearing These

Lester: 12 ounces | Materials: Neoprene, rubber and EVA midsole | Closing: Speed ​​lacing system

Earlier in this list we gave some great examples of sandals that have literally been designed from the ground up with as few materials as needed to create a safe and comfortable sandal. We have a feeling Hoka may have started at the opposite end, trying to figure out what to take out of a sneaker to forge a more breathable and functional summer shoe. Although it might be the heaviest entry on this list, it still looks slick and sleek in its own way. For example, it is significantly lighter than most hiking boots, but just as safe. If having your little piggies on display gives you the thrill, then these awesome all-terrain shoes are just what you need to protect them in style and comfort.

Best hybrid hiking sandal

Sneaker performance meets superior breathability

Lester: 11 ounces | Materials: Leather, synthetic mesh, elastic, nylon, EVA foam, rubber | Closing: Speed ​​lacing system

Rightly so, just as other entries on this list have, this latest shoe challenges our personal definitions of what a sandal is (and isn’t). The mesh lining throughout the upper, combined with the solid heel (as opposed to the strapped heel) makes it a bit of a head-scratcher. All we know is that it sounds like a fantastic choice for hiking, running, and various amphibious adventures when your feet are sure to get hot. So call it what you want.