BC ski resort to add quad chairlift in 2023

“Whitewater is known for its steep and playful terrain, and the new quad really aligns with the Whitewater brand by opening up access to more of that type of terrain. This new quad will also reduce the demand on the current Silver King lift, which will ultimately provide a better experience for experts and beginners riding the Silver King lift.– Colby Lehman, Director of Outdoor Operations for Whitewater Ski Resort.

One of BC’s most underrated ski resorts will soon expand its terrain with a new fixed-grip quad chairlift. Whitewater Ski Resort announced last week that it would be adding more than one hundred and sixty acres of new terrain in the Sliver King gondola with a Leitner-Poma fixed-grip quad chairlift. The current Silver King chair will remain in place and serve as a secondary lift for the pitch. The 1410-foot lift will provide access to steeper terrain and glades and will add to the station’s vertical drop.

Due to the limited time Whitewater has due to the massive amount of snowfall they are facing, they are hoping to open the lift for the 2023-24 season. In the meantime, the ski resort aims to open the Backcountry Adventure Lodge and campground for March 2023, they will be making adjustments to the current Silver King chair to prepare for the new lift, and will also be adding new hiking and hiking trails. Mountain bike.

Mountain statistics:

Trails: 82

Elevators: Four (soon to be five).

Total skiable terrain / Terrain accessible to the ski lifts: 2367/1184 acres.

Vertical drop: 2044 feet.

Average snowfall: About 480 inches.

Image Credits: Whitewater Ski Resort