Ascent Article “Leper Chai”, by Jeff Long, nominated for Best Mountaineering Article, Banff Mountain Book Competition

Jeff Long’s Story “Leper Chai “, who appeared in Ascension 2020, was nominated for the best mountaineering article in the Banff Mountain Book Contest 2020. This is one of three papers competing for the award, along with “Denali, A Universe” by Jan Harper-Haines and “Melting Giants” by Benjamin Ribeyre and Erin Smart, both published in Mountaineer.

The opening extended from Jeff Long’s Leper chain, which appeared in Ascension 2020.

The Banff Mountain Book Competition also awards prizes for mountain literature (non-fiction), mountain fiction and poetry, mountain environment and natural history, adventure travel, image of mountain, guides and climbing literature.

The full long list of category finalists can be found here.

This year’s judges are Helen Rolfe, Nandini Purandare and Pete Takeda. A shortlist of category winners, each eligible for a grand prize of $ 4,000, will be announced in October.

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Jeff Long is a New York Times bestselling author. He wrote 11 books including Angels of Light. Among other accolades, Long received the Boardman Tasker Award for Mountain Literature.

In “Leper Chai”, Long tells the story of a long-standing Makalu expedition that led to a stay in a Nepalese prison. Into this strange and hazy world came a surreal invitation – from a leper with an unparalleled chai recipe.

Long has already won in Banff. In 2016, the article by Long Finding Superman, which also appeared in Ascension, was awarded as the best mountaineering article.

“So well written, this great slice of übermensch, the life of Fritz Stammberger, reads like magical realism. The juxtaposition of the bombing of his childhood home in Munich and the ill-fated Makalu expedition of 1974 is exceptional, ”wrote Paul Pritchard, one of the contest’s jurors that year.

In 2006, Long won the festival grand prize for his book The wall.

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