5 Tips for Hiking Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms have the ability to create entirely new paradigms of mental cognition. Setting your intention, whether spiritual or social, can be a deeply rewarding experience, especially in the serenity of the outdoors. If you’re ready to pack your backpack and embark on a safe and rewarding journey, here are five essential tips for a mushroom hike.

1 – Bring the essentials for the hike

First and foremost, you need to pack what you typically need for a day hike. Many packing items depend on both weather conditions and the type of excursion. For example, bring warmer clothes or a rain jacket if you think you need them according to the forecast (the last thing you want is to be cold or wet!). Pack nutritious snacks to restore energy at the start of every hour or so, but also pack a hearty lunch if you plan to be away for more than four hours. Before you go, make sure you have the necessary equipment to meet your basic needs. See the following list for a full collection of suggested items.

List of hiking essentials

2 – Have someone know

Whether you’re hiking solo or in a group, an essential rule for any type of outdoor psychedelic adventure is to let someone know where you’re going and when you expect to return. If you are hiking in a group, you can nominate one person as ‘travel keeper.’ The caretaker should be a seasoned excursionist and should remain sober so they can act as an anchor throughout the experience. If you’re going alone, tell a trusted friend where you’re going, what your plans are, and what time you should be back. Make sure you have cell phone reception on the trail so you can communicate with your home base if needed. This helps ensure safety even in the most unexpected of circumstances.

3 – Prepare your dose, set and setting

To ensure the best experience, you need to set and understand your travel agenda. Be confident in your dosage, know how long the effects will last, and make a plan for your backpacking excursion. Check the weather forecast and make sure what you bring is all you need to be comfortable. Create a type of plan that includes a destination, or at least an idea of ​​what the day’s activities will look like. Ideally, it’s best to go somewhere familiar, like a trail you’ve walked in the past. Going somewhere that you have already experienced allows you to better anticipate and anticipate your adventure. If your plans only include frolicking and galloping through nature’s playground with no clear goal, that’s fine too! However, making concrete plans will help you and the group stay grounded throughout the journey.

4 – Bring everything you need to be comfortable

In addition to packing the essentials for the hike, don’t forget to bring extra items that will make for a more comfortable experience. Bringing a comfy hammock to lie in and watch the clouds, a favorite dish to enjoy, or a favorite music playlist can add an extra layer of peaceful ambiance. Packing a few of your favorite comforts never fails to add an extra level of fun to your trip. Some of my favorite take-out items include headphones (for music), snacks (especially candy and fruit), rejuvenating drinks like Gatorade, watercolors or a sketchbook, and a hacky sack or something to launch with friends. And if you plan to stop and relax for a while, be sure to bring a blanket to spread out and lie down for maximum recreation.

5 – When you stop to smell the flowers, remember where the trail is

On your journey, you might spot a fun-shaped rock in the distance or a collection of beautiful flowers that you want to check out. But leaving the path can create a domino effect by moving further and further away from familiar territory. The lure of nature, combined with a psychedelic, can pull you in faster than you think. If you stray too far, you may get lost and not find the trail. It’s also worth mentioning that trail builders intentionally build trails to protect the surrounding natural environment, so staying on the path is always a good idea. However, if you want to stray off the trail to enjoy the views, always keep in mind how to get back on the trail.

Extra tip – Have fun!

Famous mountaineer and outdoor survivalist John Muir said it best: “Climb the mountains and receive their good tidings. The peace of nature will flow through you like the sun through the trees. Escaping into the wild with a pocket full of mushrooms acts as a powerful vehicle for discovering the good news that Muir spoke of. Awe-inspiring rolling mountains, trees that breathe through gusts of wind, and verdant plains filled with vibrant wildflowers, the wide open spaces are arguably one of the best environments for mushroom trekking. The solitude of the wilderness offers the perfect path to purify one’s mind and find the profound peace encompassing the universe.

For a real life example of what traveling with a group looks like, or what to do versus what not to do, check out this video.

Do you have any tips or favorite spots for mushroom hiking? If so, leave a comment and let us know!