2022 Arc’teryx Procline Ski Pants Review

Relying on Gore-Tex Infinium fabrics to back up this claim, Arc’teryx calls the Procline a “windproof, water-resistant, and highly breathable softshell pant for backcountry treks.” Seems perfect for someone who slips and climbs in a sweat and wants to keep such wetness from turning into menacing cold (read: yours truly). But can these features be balanced with an uphill feature? and provide weather protection, not to mention descent?

The Procline was bred in the epic expanses of Canada’s Coast Mountains, but I figured the variable conditions of a good old Vermont winter would be a decent setting to experience it.

I got exactly what I asked for. Vermont’s winter season kicked off with cross-country skiing, the kind that ranges from lapping a few sticky inches on grass to propelling over encrusted scraps in single-digit cold and chattering teeth. When the snow finally came for real, we were able to ride miles of long kick-and-slide circuits through farm fields and hardwood forests. Then I grabbed the tele kit (aka telemark ski, which uses a flexible boot and disconnected heel), shooting the storm for all it was worth, zigzagging back and forth over snowy forest paths.