11 breathtaking hiking trails around Ottawa you’ll want to explore in 2022

There is something about planning adventures for a New Year that feels like a breath of fresh air, so why not plan to get along with some exercise and epic views.

These scenic hiking trails near Ottawa are sure to give you a great start to outdoor exploration in 2022.

Deacon Escarpment

Price: $ 11.30 entrance fee

Address: 12560 ON-60, Golden Lake, ON

Why you must go: There are 30 kilometers of trails to explore in this lesser-known hiking region. Not only can you take in breathtaking views of the lake, but there are also rustic cabins on-site so you can turn the adventure into an overnight stay. It will look like a secret hiking spot.


Thousand Islands National Park

Price: $ 7.25 + per vehicle

Address: 291 Promenade des Mille-Îles, Leeds and the Thousand Islands, ON

Why You Must Go: One of the many ways to enjoy the view of the Thousand Islands is from the Landon Bay hiking trails with breathtaking views of the bay. You can follow the trail straight to the viewpoint or take in the water level views along the Bay Trail and turn it into a loop.


Bon Echo Provincial Park

Price: $ 12.25 per vehicle

Address: 16151, autoroute 41, Cloyne, ON

Why you need to go: With nearly 10 trails to choose from, varying in length and difficulty, you can take a relaxed walk or camp overnight. The Abes and Essens Lake Trail is made up of three connected loops, offering panoramic views of blue waters and dense forest.


Rock dunder

Price: $ 5 per person

Address: Stanley Lash Ln., Lyndhurst, ON

Why you need to go: This wilderness offers three loops of hiking trails of varying lengths, leading to panoramic views of a light blue bay. The remarkable scenic vantage point, Rock Dunder Lookout, is accessed from the Rock Dunder Summit Trail, a 3.9 kilometer climb through forests, with cliff tops along the way.


Morris Island Conservation Area

Price: $ 6 per vehicle

Address: 156 Morris Island Dr., Fitzroy Harbor, ON

Why You Must Go: This easy hiking trail offers magical views of the forest and river. It features incredible sunsets from different angles of the island, including a pedestrian bridge.


Foley Mountain

Price: $ 7 per vehicle

Address: 105 Foley Mountain Ln., Westport, ON

Why you need to go: There are 10 miles of interconnected loop trails to explore for as short or long a hike as you want. The Spy Rock Lookout offers picturesque views of the lakes and quaint town of Westport. It is easily accessible from the parking lot – perfect for the friend who doesn’t like to hike or have limited mobility.


Mount King Trail

Price: Free

Address: Champlain Pkwy., Chelsea, QC

Why you need to go: A relatively short but steep trail loop, you can’t beat the views of ancient rock formations and calm valleys below. Nature’s Stairmaster is sure to get your blood pumping.


Blueberry mountain

Price: Free

Address: 502 Hills of Peace Road, Lanark, ON

Why you must go: Located in the heart of the Ottawa Valley, this 4.5 km long trail offers vast views of the Valley of the Woods. We are fortunate to access this beautiful trail as it is on private land. Locals call it one of the Seven Wonders of Lanark County.


Bird rock

Price: $ 12 per vehicle

Address: Chem. Schyan, Sheenboro, QC

Why you must go: This site is sacred and archaeologically significant, you can almost feel the history by looking at the Ottawa River. There are several lookout points along the trail and access to the water below to soak your toes or cool off.


Pink lake trail

Price: Free

Address: Gatineau Pkwy., Gatineau, QC

Why you need to go: Named Pink Lake for the family who settled here, the water in the lake is actually green, making it look rare but beautiful. The 2.3-kilometer loop has sections of boardwalks and stairs for easy vantage points and walking. It’s popular for a reason, so it’s best to go at off-peak hours.


Conservation of Palmerston Canonto

Price: Free

Address: Chemin Arcol, Ompah, ON

Why you must go: You have the choice between several trails and two viewpoints; Vista and lake view. It will seem that all around you is just trees, water and rocks. There is a quiet beach down the road where you can cool off or relax and enjoy another view. The area is also a bright place for stargazing.


In Ontario, a vaccination passport is required to access certain events, services and businesses, including restaurants and bars.

Before you go, check out our responsible travel guide to be informed, be safe, be smart and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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