Restructuring loans – What do you need to request it

Talking about the world of restructuring loans is not a simple thing because this term generally refers to all the loans that can be requested to meet the needs of renovating one’s home, modernizing it and improving several aspects.

In general, we speak of restructuring loans to indicate a loan required to support the cost of internal work at home for the purpose of building renovation, which can be requested for both the first and second homes.

The banks

The banks

Many banks and financial companies offer restructuring loans, which indicates that, particularly online, very advantageous financial conditions can be obtained by virtue of competition.

Let’s see the examples that are offered to us by Loans Online, one of the main online financing brokers. Fe-Loan is the best restructuring loan recorded in September 2016. The fixed TAN of 6.60% and the APR of 7.17% make it the most competitive option on the market. This is possible also thanks to the fact that there are no preliminary costs to be incurred and that the amounts can go from a minimum of 1,000 USD to 30,000 USD. Therefore, small jobs as well as larger and more complex jobs can be financed. Assuming a loan of 10,000 USD lasting 84 months for a 40-year-old resident of Milan, the amount of the monthly installment is $ 150.28.

In second place, always according to the ranking of Online Loans, we find Astro Finance. In this case the TAN is 6.95% while the APR is 7.18%, only 0.01% higher than the Fe-Loan solution seen previously. In this case, other advantages are the zero investigation fees and no installment costs. Findomestic is a real online loan because you can do everything from home, comfortably, using the digital signature. Taking the same example as before, or a loan of 10,000 USD for a duration of 84 months requested by a resident of Milan who is 40 years old, the amount of the monthly installment is $ 150.68.

Purpose of restructuring loans

Purpose of restructuring loans

As we mentioned at the beginning, the purposes of loans for home renovation are various and can relate to any room in the home. The fundamental thing is that they are required for a building renovation, such as the creation of a dividing wall between two rooms, the installation of double windows for greater energy insulation and the installation of energy saving solutions.

Restructuring loans for clubs and restaurants

If you buy or manage a local or restaurant that needs renovation before it can become usable and usable at a business level, these loans are the best solution. Loans for renovation of premises and restaurant renovation loans are mentioned.

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